Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Trading the "double dip"

It's all coming back to me now

I vividly recall the massive short squeezes, followed by 1000 point market drops; that shook most of us - leveraged ETF swing traders - out on both sides of the trade... left bleeding, and watching our tickers in shock, as the trade that got away from us plays out right before our eyes; afraid to chase it; wondering where we went wrong, but nobody had ever attempted to trade a monster like this one, and we were fools to believe we could get our heads around it. 

But this time will be different 

Waiting for that big wave. I hope to catch many more moves this time, but when the bottom comes in, let there be no second guessing, because 2X - 3X ETF's can lose 1% per minute, once the larger trend changes. I recommend that nobody in their right mind trade these things, so are you still with me!?

Predicting it is easy; trading it is the difficult part. 

The best we can do it to follow the big fishes, in who's wake we swim in. These are the Wall Street-Smart billionaires, who sell the bubbles at about the same time most small fish get caught-up in the excitement. "You're gonna wait too fat boy!" 
Once a generation their sights set on making "Mad Money", in stocks, real-state, tech, china, or tulip bulbs, you know it's time to sell. When all hope is lost someone will be left to pick up the pieces. 

We are the market timers.

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