Saturday, June 12, 2010

Welcome to the public blog!

This is my first blog, started in 2008.
I'm exited to have more room to write here! There are times when I feel the need better explain what I'm seeing in the charts, and list a number of possible outcomes, and I was unable to adequately do so,within the limited space allows.

For some time I had been bouncing around the idea of adding a live chat room here - but on several test runs chat proved to be too distracting, and contrary to popular belief, it is better to trade alone. 

Herd mentality is a dangerous thing; It's what caused the biggest boom in recorded history to end in a bust that may continue to play out for several more years/decades. It keeps many perma-bulls clinging to the belief that the economy is in recovery, where there is none.

The charts speak for themselves, while emotion (the traders worse enemy) tends to feed on itself. The one benefit of live chat, would be the ability to announce a bottom/top in real time, but only in a live trading (room) situation.

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