Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Market Update - Warren Buffett Turns Bearish, Norfolk Southern

 Funny I was just talking about Norfolk Southern, and the fact that Warren Buffett owns it, in yesterday's (revised) update, and this morning, news comes out that Berkshire Hathaway is bearish US equities? Uncanny 


Watch for the Buffett Effect to grip markets shortly:

What is the definition of the term "Warren Buffett Effect" as it applies to the stock market? What does the "Warren Buffett Effect" mean?


I kind of saw this coming yesterday, as the rally was faded, just ahead of the close, and I even told folks, exactly where to look.... 

Yes, I'm just that good; I should have well over 10k follows on Twitter, and I'm sure I would, if not for the fact that I'm been shadow-banned for years. 

 I've since signed up for Twitter Blue, and it will be interesting to see: 

  1.  If I'm approved. 
  2. To see if that has any effect on my influence, and the number of follows.  

It could just be that investors, and traders, don't hang out on twitter anymore, after all the scams that have been pulled there, in recent years. Talking about the sharks, who like to steal your hard earned money, by pushing worthless meme stocks, FAANG Stocks, Cryptocurrency, and the rest....  

I'd like to be able to reach more investors, but investors as a whole, don't take an interest... 

Reviewing yesterday's action: 

We saw a relief rally on yesterdays CPI report, which came in slightly hotter than expected.  

Why, a relief rally, on hotter than expected inflation; you may ask? 

The market knows the Fed is not going to start doing super-sized rate hikes again, unless inflation returns with a vengeance.  

 If we saw the Fed start doing emergency rate hikes, or even super-sized hike, that would be a different story, but as long as inflation remains somewhat in line with expectations, the market is going to look at every data point, as a green light to put money to work. 

Who's to ever say that the Fed can do anything to bring prices back down? Are they going to risk crashing the global economy, on Joe Biden's watch? No. 

Speaking of The Fed, and Joe Biden: 

Biden appoints Fed’s Lael Brainard as his top economic adviser yahoo

That's right, he has appointed the same people who caused the current economic crisis, to be his top economic advisor, and a Federal Reserve insider, to boot!

I hear she's a bit of a Hawk, but I think there is a more nefarious reason that the news of this Biden appointment, isn't getting more attention, and this may have grave implications for the $USD!      

This may also have grave implications, for the US Dollar 

Sept. 8th, 2020 
Committee Republicans Demand Fed Vice Chair Brainard Clarify Testimony Regarding Authority to Issue a CBDC



Central banks currencies are coming whether we want them or not. Should you be worried about CBDCs?

In case you didn't know it, the deep state wants to implement a cashless society 

Hillary Clinton: ‘It’s Time to BAN Cash To Fight Climate Change’ 

Looks like we finally may get a pullback, but we'll have to see if trading can pick up, over the next few days/ weeks. 

Here's my latest theory for why it's taking so long to see the market correct: 

In all actuality the market is programmed to sell-off according to certain dates, and especially according to this weeks Options Expiration (OPEX Friday). I would think the powers that be would want to pull the rug right here, so that most the options which were bought in a panic last week, expire worthless. Perhaps they are waiting until the last minute, to pull the rug..?  

If we don't see the rug pulled ahead of Feb. OPEX, then I have a good idea of when it might happen, and I'll cover that in a future blog, or the free News Letter.  

Thanks for reading, and good luck, AA 

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