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Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Twitter X flags/ limits and blocks my account

Sent from my Galaxy:
"Why does my account have a label?

We have found that your account may contain spam or be engaging in other types of platform manipulation. You may not use X’s services in a manner intended to artificially amplify, suppress information, or engage in behavior that manipulates or disrupts people’s experience or platform manipulation defenses on X.

What does this mean for my account?

The reach of your account may be limited and its content may also be temporarily restricted, such as being excluded from trends, replies, and recommended notifications. Learn more..." 

I can't really say why my twitter account was flagged, but I did have to prove I was a human after getting locked out yesterday... this was the second time in a week. 

That's right I was also booted off of twitterX this week, but you have to expect this kind of thing during an election year.   

The irony in all this, is that I spend a great deal of time each day reporting financial trolls to twitterX @support. 

Look, I don't take too kindly to having AI programs limiting my freedom of speech, so I may just say "fuck it", and make a move to Truth Social. 

Monday, January 29, 2024

What's Wrong With This Market? A Picture Says 1000 Words!

 You can probably already guess from the title of this blog that I'm none too pleased with the recent market action, and that may also help explain why I haven't blogged in over 2 weeks!

 What's Wrong With This Market?

1. Volatility being endlessly sold

The broader market has become pretty dull, as the $VIX continues to be hammered lower. Lower the $VIX the slower the market moves. This explains why we're not setting any records. 

I remember CNBC talking about how market corrections are a thing of the past, and it looks like they may have finally achieved that goal, but booms are always followed by busts. 

2. The broader market is being driven by a few FAANG stocks - as usual. The mag 7 is just another cutsie name for it. Sure, we saw a few sector rotations along the way, but they were short lived.   

Of course the lame stream media couldn't wait to report - after Friday's closing bell - that small caps rallied 2%, and that brings us to #3. 

3. The Lamestream financial media continually lies  

I watched the host on Bloomberg falsely imply that this means that the market rally has been broad based, which couldn't be further from the truth. 

 A Picture Says 1000 Words 

$IWM Russell 2000 ETF 15 min. chart - Obviously not leading a rally, but rather consolidating sideways. More proof that the lame stream media will lie to investors in order to confuse them. 

Speaking of the lame stream media lying, in order to try to make things sound better than they are: 

This morning Bloomberg is seen reporting that the market has rallied more days than it's fallen, over the past week. I call this grasping at straws.

4. Financials also not leading 

You may recall; I pointed out not too long ago, that the banks were not on as sound a footing as we were being led to believe, and all you have to do is look at some key bank stocks...

 $SPX overweight - Bank of America $BAC. It recently got a dead cat bounce off the 50 day moving average, but a picture says 1000 words.   

And if you think I'm cherry-picking bank stocks, in order to prove a point, just look at where $BANK was trading - relative to the $SPX - back at 2021 (bubble) highs.

You can't have a strong economy without a sound financial footing

4. Monday mornings surprises   

Here's something that threw me off last week, and that's the taking down of Natural Gas, below support. Call this a nasty Monday morning surprise

As it turns out it was reported last week, that Joe Biden had illegally halted LNG exports, in order to placate his environmental activist fanbase. You can't make this stuff up. 

The Media Coverage of Biden’s Natural Gas Decision Is Ridiculous

Is it any wonder that the lame stream media is more focused on Trump being fined for something he probably didn't even do, rather than focusing on the imposter in the White House? 

And where's the coverage of Kamala? But I digress. 

As it turns out, Biden's move is a token gesture to fool his base, and delaying the completion of a large, new, LNG plant is only going to negatively impact greenhouse emissions. 

The Media Coverage of Biden’s Natural Gas Decision Is Ridiculous

There had been a few good sector trades to be had, including last week's nasty correction in semiconductors, and the recent rally in energy, but sadly most traders are focused on the eternally rigged, and ever increasingly boring $SPX.  

Until next time; good luck, 




Sunday, January 14, 2024

Best Trade of the week

Best Trade of the week was not found trading the $SPX 


I also found a decent trade selling financials ahead of the kickoff of earnings season, on Friday.


Which trades have not worked? 

Nearly every single trade that's been shamelessly hyped by the lame stream media, and the Fast Money - boiler room - crew @ CNBC 

Just goes to show; there's always a trade somewhere, if you know where to look, and tune out the fake news. 

This week is another shortened trading week, thanks to the woke, MLK holiday. We saw a little more short covering ahead of it, and I think that's probably why they created the holiday in the first place; so that the controllers would have an easier time driving financial markets at the start of each new year. 

On a more serious note:

 Bill NH HB1700: Prohibiting the intentional release of polluting emissions, including cloud seeding, weather modification, excessive electromagnetic radio frequency, and microwave radiation and making penalties for violation of such prohibition, has been introduced in New Hampshire. 

Of course this bill is unlikely to stop the ongoing Geoengineering operations 

Again, I'm going to suggest that you protect yourself, and your family, from the chemical fallout from this process, and especially if you live in an area that is constantly bombarded from the Geoengineering ops overhead. 

The nanoparticulate fallout is highly toxic, and so small that it crosses the blood brain barrier. 

I can't say that filtering the air is going to be 100% effective, but it is definitely better than nothing, and offers some peace of mind.  

I run a Winix HEPA Air Purifier [linked] in my living space 24/7, and am thinking about picking up a second unit - that doesn't require replacement filters - for the office.  

Kenmore PM2010 Air Purifiers with H13 True HEPA Filter, Covers Up to 1200 Sq.Foot

The newest technology in Air filtration, doesn't require replacement filters:  

Nuwave Whole House Air Purifiers, Oxypure Smart Air Purifier with 5 Stage Tower Structure Air Filter, Air Quality & Odor Sensors, Sleep Mode for Bedroom, Remove 99.99% of Dust, Smoke, Pollen, Allergen

Take care, AA 

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Trying to make sense of yesterday's massive rally

 The number one reason stocks rallied on Monday, is the topic I touched on yesterday (linked below): 

Pump N Dump Markets Continue into 2024 - Happy New Year!

Another reason we saw stocks rally yesterday, is that it was the 1st working Monday of the new year, and if fund managers want to keep their jobs, they have to put money to work. 

I can't complain, because I had a feeling they would storm right back into beaten up tech stocks... 
We also saw another killer trade in Natural Gas as it rallied 4% off the lows of the day 

Nearly 400 impressions on the pullback target I tweeted out first thing yesterday morning.  
That means Natural Gas has become the new meme trade, and is too hot to touch. 

Funny thing is that as the global economy - from Germany to China - continues to contract, markets continue to trade higher, just as they did in 2007, and that leads me to believe that markets may be at a tipping point. 

Germany is the thing to watch as the lame stream media chooses to ignore the developing situation there. Makes me wonder; "what else are they choosing not to report"? 

$DAX (Germany) - The short term chart looks like a classic suckers rally. Perhaps this is only the beginning in wave A (a-b-c), but I'm not taking any chances. 

France - Same thing. Weak action after making new all time highs. 

$GDOW Global Dow Same thing 

Take Care,