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Thursday, July 28, 2022

Market Update 7/28/22 - regroup after yesterday's fed announcement, and booted off Twitter, yet again!

 Can you believe it's almost August already?! By Sept., we should see trading pick up, but we're still in the summer doldrums, and we haven't really seen a lot of movement, even looking at yesterday's relief rally.  

$SPX (30 min. view) - rallies to the top of an apparent broadening (expanding) triangle pattern. 

$SPX (15 min.) - This chart shows much the same thing, and it could even go a little higher, based on the wave 5/C target, I predicted earlier in the week. 


No doubt, some folks were caught totally off guard by this rally, but I tried to warn people earlier in the week. 

But wait there's more! 

Here I am trying to warn the idiotic retail short sellers, who continue to be sucked by an army of bots, liking even the most ridiculous charts (256 likes on this junk)!  

It seems like I spent most the day yesterday, blocking bot driven accounts, and even a couple followers. 1, who asked me if I was short... I don't even know what position he was referring to (NatGas perhaps), but if you're asking about my position, that's something a troll would do, and I don't need you. 2. The second person I blocked was retweeting 5 minute oil charts, that were expired (5 hours old). If you aren't smart enough to look at my time line, and see that the intra-day Oil chart is being continuously updated, then I don't need you distracting me with retweet alerts on old material. 

To be honest I think I'm about done with Twitter

Yesterday afternoon, just ahead of the fed... I actually got booted off Twitter again! This was the second time in a week, and for an tweet that was 4 days old! Someone is after me, for questioning the Covid-19 vaccine. It could be someone who simply has a personal vendetta against me, or it could be someone who works for Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex, but one thing is for certain, the Brownshirts who control the narrative, march in lockstep with the .gov agencies, and big pharma. 

Tweeted moments before I was booted by Twitter:

 Don't question the vaccine, just take the jab like a man! 

Twitter obviously serves a purpose, even Elon Musk recognizes this, but he's dead right when he talks about freedom of speech being an issue. The days of standing on a soapbox in the public square are long gone, so the argument that "Twitter is a private company", so they can do whatever they like, doesn't hold any weight. Twitter is the public square, and since science is mostly based in theory, the science is debatable/ questionable.     

Getting back to the trade

Yesterday's pop - after the fed announcement -  was kind of extraordinary. I didn't see much movement, until Powell started talking, and I believe he said something like, "we will be pausing rate hikes at some point  in the future", paraphrasing what I think I heard coming from the idiot box (television). Anyhow, it seems that this statement must have triggered some algorithms, which picked up the words pause rate hike, or "one more rate hike". Again, I'm not really sure what I heard, because I was more concerned with the beef jerky I had in the smoker, and a rain storm moving into the area, and then I took a nap about the time Powell stated talking. 

On final note:

What was incredibly unusual about yesterday's rally is that we didn't see the $VIX fall off, as we normally do, after a FOMC announcement, and that is a huge red flag!

The $VIX was body slammed below the 23 level, but it continues to trade above last weeks low. 

I'm already out of time, so I'm not even going update the other half dozen sectors I'm trading, but you should keep an eye on the $WSLH chart, and the $VIX. 

$WSLH - Wilshire 5000 (60 min. view) - Looks like another expanding triangle pattern. Could be a wave 4, or only a wave A. Of course you'll need to know a thing or 2 about Elliott Wave Theory, or at least pattern trading in order to anticipate what comes next, but it looks like we could remain stuck in a range, well into next week. 

 Good Luck, AA 

Monday, July 25, 2022

Weekly Market Update, and a look ahead... 7/25/2022 GOLD, Stocks, $SOX $VIX

First off, I got booted off Twitter again, this time for calling the covid-19 power grab, a "hoax", and the vaccine as ineffective ("doesn't work"). And I stand by those statements, and if you'd like to hear more about that, I've written a separate blog...  BOOTED OFF TWITTER AGAIN

The market rally continues: 

$DJUSTC (TECH) (weekly view) - why does it take several weeks for tech stocks to build a base, before finally breaking out to new recent highs? My best guess is that the algorithms weren't finished buying July Calls, ahead of the run up. 

As I pointed out in several previous updates, the market manipulators had to wait for low volume (summer trading) in order to hammer the $VIX down, and drive the market higher just in time for July Options Expiration. This is where the big money is made, manipulating options markets.  

Friday's Action

We saw the same thing again on Friday (weekly Options expiration).  

$VIX - hammered down again on a Friday (weekly Options Expiration). 

All you need to know about last weeks market action can be summed up in the tweet (s) below 

So, as you can see, on the chart above; the $VIX continues to be hammered down, by the market engineers. 

We saw a little pullback on Friday, which I predicted, but the $VIX was obviously hammered down in order to keep the market from cratering.  

This morning we see futures up. This is no surprise, but keep an eye on the $VIX, as well as obvious support on the $SPX, at the 2950 level. 

Thursday's call on $SOX using the $SOXS chart:

  $SOXS may get a bounce here but I think this $SOX rally has legs. Too bad there isn't s $VIX for the $SOX.

Friday: #SOXS up almost 8% 


Could we see a continued pullback? Yes, I think back to the 3800 level, and a breakout of the pattern on the above $VIX chart will confirm it. 


We saw gold and precious metals bounce out of the hole last week, but Gold miners continue to be sold short, as we saw on Friday's pullback. 

It looks like the gold bears continue to pile into DUST. 

Miners actually closed lower for the week, so can't confirm a reversal there, yet... 

The $GDXJ was sold at the 20 day moving average, so that's bearish, or that could be a bullish contrarian indicator, depending how you look at it.   

Bitcoin looks like it wants to pull back, and that lends weight to a scenario where we see a continued pullback in the broader market, and tech. 

The above tweet is a good example of how an army of bots can be used with along with AI, to manipulate an entire market. Also explains how some of the worst advice on the internet, seems to get the most traction. The worst charts, get 50 likes, and I could do the same, using bots... and maybe I should!  

I'm really short on time this morning, but one final chart! 

$SOX  -  This chart was last updated 3/19/22. This month we saw it take out the July target.  

Take Care, AA 



Booted Off Twitter Again

Booted Off Twitter Again 

I was booted off Twitter - again - after Friday's close, because I don't go along with every false narrative that's being pushed by the deep state, including the idea that everyone in God's creation should be given an experimental vaccine, to protect then from catching a virus that has a very small chance of killing otherwise healthy people. 

There is not only plenty of evidence that the vaccine isn't effective, but there is new evidence that the vaccine has done more harm than good! 

“More Harm Than Good:” Viral Canadian Covid Care Alliance Document Gives Disturbing Data on Pfizer Vaccines, Describes “Level 1 Harm”, Misrepresented Efficacy [VIDEO]

Speaking of Pfizer, their stock has soared thanks to the pandemic, as has the Biotech sector, and the same people who promoted the funding into covid research, testing, and vaccines, may have benefited financially, but that's a topic for another day. 

$PFE - Pfizer stock soared with the pandemic, but now we see it consolidating, even as the WHO announces yet another global emergency - Monkey Pox (insert eye roll here)   

I think part of the reason I got booted off twitter, is because the corporate fascists are working hard to keep the false narrative alive, after (vaccinated and boosted) Joe Biden fell ill, after his recent super-spreader event in the middle east.  The internet has been scrubbed clean of Joe biden sick in Israel, but I managed to find 1 link. 

What is becoming more and more apparent is that those who have been vaccinate are coming down with covid, while those who have not been vaccinate, are not, and there's a good reason for that, and it was Joe Biden's recent trip to the middle east, which really highlighted this point. 

What I learned on Friday, is that any information that contradicts the CDC, or any other government agency,  will not be tolerated on twitter! Believe what the CDC says, and shut up! Never mind the fact that this isn't the first time the federal government has experimented on it's own citizenry in the past. 

The most obvious cases of this that come to mind are: 

1.  Nuclear testing performed on US soldiers (forbes), and the same government who performed these tests claims that no harm was done...? Not sure I believe that.  

2.  Biological testing done on human populations   

How the U.S. Government Tested Biological Warfare on America (

Not to mention the toxic heavy metals being used in climate engineering programs.  

The Dimming, Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary

And is it any wonder that website has been removed from the top results in google search?  

What's confusing to me, is that none of this vaccine pushing nonsense is even part of Twitter public policy, and not stated in their rules, and guidelines, but the fascists (the employees) at Twitter always march in lockstep with the brownshirts, and that makes Tony Allyn a target. 

If you think that sounds like a conspiracy theory, just look at how they silence everyone else they don't like: 




and countless others 

Not only am I regularly booted off the twitter platform, but I'm also shadow-banned, meaning the number of followers, is artificially controlled, and my tweets are suppressed, and I'm sure the same thing happens across the internet. 

While we're on the subject of Twitter, looking at the stock chart, I knew months ago the Elon Musk deal wouldn't go through, and now that they are suing him, for trying to back out of the deal, every shitlib in the media goes on the offensive, and the WSJ (which used to be a well respected publication) reports over the weekend, that Elon Musk may have had an affair? That doesn't sound like business news to me, but more like a smear campaign, after the Elon Musk deal is cancelled. 

Of course I saw this coming, as did many on Wall Street, and I even Tweeted  out - that the deal was dead - on the very day the deal was cancelled 

What do I mean by "Twitter is a sham company"? It's a tool, being used to control people, just as facebook, and google is... 

The Rise of Corporate-State Tyranny MAY 17, 2021

Look at the number of bots that are used to push whatever the false narrative - of the day - happens to be, whether it's BLM & George Floyd, to the latest mass murder (whenever it's committed with a gun), being used to try to take law-abiding peoples guns away. Look, once they take your guns away you'll be powerless... and that's the whole point of glorifying all these so called "mass shootings".  

I expect to be booted off the internet and permanently cancelled at some point, so being temporarily banned from Twitter is only a minor annoyance, and although I technically had to admit I was at fault in order to get my account back, I look at that as a little white lie.  

Joe Biden lied about the effectiveness of the covid vaccine and you don't see calls to banish him from twitter. Where are the "fact checkers", on this?  

Sooner or later the truth always comes out, and Twitter, and the rest of the tech tyranny, can't ban all of us.  

Thanks for reading, AA 

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Market Update - Wed 7/20/22 - Can We Trust This Rally? $SOX, Energy, Gold, $SPX, $VIX

 I probably should be celebrating, since I've remained bullish over the past several weeks, and now we're finally getting a nice summer rally. Remember when Jon Njarianj was trying to say, that we needed to see "capitulation", followed by heavy volume (buying), and I spent at least a week, dispelling that nonsense? 

Market Update 6/15/22 - Capitulation - Part 1


 I did make some gains in Airlines, and Financials, and even Energy, which I took profits in yesterday.  I'd also be up nicely in $SOXL if I had remained long... but you can't win 'em all I guess. 


And why couldn't $SOX breakout until Options Expiration Friday?  I think you know why... but allow me to refresh your memory. It's for the same reason I laid out just ahead of July options expiration. It's because it's easy to manipulate markets on light summer volume, and this is prime time for Friday short short squeezes. 

Of course the trading apes are confused my the action, because they expect the $VIX to act normally over the summer, but we've seen this story a thousand times. 

$VIX - July 13th

Notice how the above tweet wasn't even liked, because it was deadly accurate! This helps explain why retail investors never win. They think they can outsmart the charts, by trusting their gut.  

$VIX hammered down on July OPEX:  

1. Let's take a closer look at the - totally unnatural - $VIX action on Friday. 

$VIX - 10 min chart view 

Notice how we didn't see the $VIX hammered down to new recent lows, yesterday? That could be, because they're saving their ammo for Friday (weekly OPEX), or is could be that they only intended to drive the $SPX, and every other thing, including Bitcoin, above the 50 day ma. 

Bitcoin - also driven above the 50 day 

The market is rigged 

As you probably know by now, I talk a lot about how the market is continually rigged, and by whom, and when I see Joey bag-a-donuts Terranova come on #CNBC again yesterday, and declare victory... because they knew - as was reported on Tuesday - that if the NASDAQ could be driven above the 50 day moving average, the machines would be forced to buy the breakout. That sends shivers up my spine. If I pulled a stunt like this, I'd probably be put in prison, but on NBC, this kind of blatant market manipulation is celebrated!  

As long as I'm giving away free $VIX targets: I'm obviously seeing support right here, and a lot more support at the 22.50 level. If we see the $VIX run here, $VIX resistance looks like 26.75, and 28. 

If the VIX were to continue to breakout, above the 50 day, then the same programs which were forced to buy this rally, will quickly unwind their positions. I have higher targets, but future $VIX targets are a hard thing to predict. 

I did reveal this $VIX chart, yesterday evening, while doing some extra charting of futures markets... 

$VIX continues to trend up.  Here you see the 22.50 target, as well as a panic target at the top of the range. Of course, I'm giving away a lot here, but not everything, and I'm not interested in micromanaging your trade. Mostly because I'm too busy managing my own trades. 

A previously undiscovered Bearish Channel on the Majors 

Like I said, I was doing some extra charting last night, and I discovered something, I have been trying to figure out for some time. If you're already a pro at this, you'll understand it. 

The trend on the $SPX: 

While most technicians try to draw a triangle pattern on it, it can be construed as a bearish channel. 

The thing that has had me stumped is that the kicker on the channel was absent. By kicker I mean the starting point for the lower channel line, as shown, below. 

$SPX - Looks like a channel pattern developing. but as I was just explaining, there's no kicker, UNLESS you connect it, at the 4500 level! That becomes the new lower channel line, in what will look like an overshoot, below the current lower channel. Makes so much sense, if you've been doing this as long as I have!  


 Of course certain markets do seem to be trading into a triangle, on certain chart views - $SOX for instance - but you really need to experiment with different chart patterns, in order to find the right one. 

I'm not revealing my target on $SOX, because I'd plan to keep that trade all to myself, and anyone else who's interesting enough to pay $100 to my paypal (for 1 months worth of charts). That chart is money, because it is going to ultimately decide the fate of the entire tech sector! 

Final point: Gold seems weak, but Gold priced in Euros has traded into a bull flag! 

What this means for Gold valued in US Dollars, I don't know, but gold miners is one of the sectors that has been used to take the $SPX down, and if the broader market crashes, then so goes crypto, and gold. 

Talk about rigged markets - check out this BS article. Not even 1 gold chart..! 

Wall Street money printers hate gold to begin with, because even retail investors know it's a safe haven, so what do they do. They sell this most hated sector of course! Like I've said before the fed has no intention of stopping inflation, only protecting the soon to be extinct dollar. 

I remain bullish Gold, but we haven't seen too much action so far; not like you would want to see in a bullish reversal. Be sure to checkout my 3 most recent blogs on gold, and precious metals! 

Market Update 7/15/22 Currency Collapse Likely? Red Flags! Gold the next safety trade?

I may end up devoting a page on this website to the gold trade, and that would be linked to a tab on the home page. 

Good Luck, AA 

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Market Update - Technical Tuesday - 7/19/2022 - Fast Money Strikes Again

 Seeing market futures back to normal this morning, after yet another Monday morning surprise.  

 Reviewing yesterday's action: Several markets, including natural Gas, were driven up to the 200 day moving average, and sold.

This was the first thing I noticed at the open, and if you follow me closely on Twitter, you saw like half a dozen charts showing that, including this one! 

Russell 2000 ETF 


I happened to catch CNBC's fast money halftime report, and  it soon became obvious, they were pushing another false narrative, as they reported that "the NASDAQ does something that is hasn't done since (whenever/ pick a date)... breaking out above the 50 day moving average", and of course, all the guests happened to be long the NASDAQ. You can't make this shit up!  

This isn't the first time in recent memory that the NASDAQ has tested the 50 day. In Fact the last time.... was just 7 trading days ago! 

2. The $VIX was higher, as the market opened - red flag.

3. The NASDAQ was sold as the 50 day moving average broke, proving the bearish prediction I made over the weekend, was the correct one. 

I did tweet on Friday, that this rally "may have legs", and at least 1 contrarian indicator liked that tweet, but in no way can anyone confirm a bullish reversal. 

Fast Money Tries To Pull A Fast One

These Fast Money clowns no doubt sold as soon as their midday show was over, or the 50 day ma, broke, so you decide if they were actually short the whole time, or just trying to manipulate the NASDAQ? I'll leave that up to you, to decide. 

 No doubt every one of these fast money clowns knows that unless the NASDAQ can break out to a new recent high, the trend is bearish. Again, you decide... 

Let's expose these Fast Money Clowns so we know who's not to be trusted in the future:

Joey bag-a-donuts Terranova 

Steve Weiss - seen below pumping Peleton near the end of 2020


Scott Wapner - Host of the Fast Money halftime report  

Final thoughts on the NASDAQ and tech 

$COMPQ NASDAQ - 30 min chart - the trend is your friend, not the people at CNBC 


In case you missed my weekend wrap up, which included a comprehensive Gold update: 

Weekly Market wrap-up 7/16/22 SPY, China, Natural Gas, Energy, Financials, Gold Miners, $VIX

 After my recent updates on Gold, I see a lot of idiots pumping the gold trade on Twitter, and no doubt retail investors are panic buying, so be sure to use limit orders...! 

Have we seen the bottom in Gold? Go re-read the 2 most recent updates...   

Market Update 7/15/22 Currency Collapse Likely? Red Flags! Gold the next safety trade?

Weekly Market wrap-up 7/16/22 SPY, China, Natural Gas, Energy, Financials, Gold Miners, $VIX

That's all I got for now.  

Good Luck, AA 

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Weekly Market wrap-up 7/16/22 SPY, China, Natural Gas, Energy, Financials, Gold Miners, $VIX

 First off, declaring victory on my short China trade, after taking a 37% profit in $YANG, on Friday!  

Add that to the 30% profit I took on leveraged Natural Gas Bull $BOIL, earlier in the week, and it turned out to be a pretty good week for me!  

And now you know I don't have much time for trading the $SPY, which ended about flat for the week. 

We did get a nice rally on Friday; "short squeeze Friday's", are very common in cyclical bear markets, so that was an easy call, but I can't say I'm as bullish as I was a couple weeks ago, and I think we're likely to see a little more weakness going forward. 

The $VIX ended Friday's session, sitting right on the 50 week moving average, and just above the 200 day ma. That's a red flag. 

A lower $VIX would be a bullish indicator, if there was some real news to go along with it, but by the looks of it, the $VIX was only hammered down in order to another rig yet another OPEX Friday. Not hard to do on light summer volume.  

I heard some idiot on FOX business report, that Friday's rally was due to, "a better than expected retail sales number", but retail didn't get much of a boost. Instead we saw money head into defensive Healthcare stocks.   

Retail is dead: And if this gaps down below the 55 level, you're going to see more panic selling 

We did see financials up 3.5% so that's a positive sign, but it looked to me like the $VIX was punched down for no other reason than to squeeze some retail short sellers. IF we see the $BKX continue to break out, this rally can continue, but I have bigger fish to fry. 

A look at the week ahead

 Oil price today: Biden to leave Saudi Arabia without energy update businessinsider

Bearish Energy Trade 

$DJUSEN - possible 529 shakeout target. There's no way to tell what target that is on the leveraged energy bear ($ERY), but I'd say $65.  

$ERY - if you're going to wait until Monday's open to make this trade, you're probably going to miss the boat, anyhow. 

Gold and Gold Miners 

I'm still thinking this could be the next big trade as  

Gold Set for Longest Run of Weekly Losses Since 2018 on Dollar (strength)

Gold tested the 1700 last week which looks like the bottom of a range, or possibly a double bottom (a little lower) around the 1675 level). 

The following chart proves just how silly last weeks coordinated (gold fear porn) headline is, and once again you see the lame stream media trying to scare the average retail investor.  

$Gold - while this was a swift move lower, gold has only traded back down to the lower end of the range, so ignore the bearish news reports, as usual. 

Reminder: I called the top on miners, back in April.   

$GDXJ (Jr miners) 

$DUST  is up nearly 200% since then. I'd be up 200% if I knew how to stick with a trade (that's working), but I'm still getting the hang of that. Of course this is a crowded trade now, and we could see momentum carry it a little further, but I think it's about time to start nibbling on $NUGT, and/or $JNUG! 

1. I really see no benefit trading the miners, over the jr miners, as they continue to move in lockstep.    
2. 10% - 20% swings in leveraged miner ETFs are common, so if you can't stomach those kinds of move, don't trade them. These can move 50% in a day, just like the Leveraged NatGas funds! 

I crave volatility, but buying into one of the many gold miner indexes, is a much safer bet, and will probably help you sleep during the night.       

$GDXJ - Here's the target I pointed out a couple weeks ago, so I've just been watching miners come to me. 

Let's take a look at the same chart updated - bingo! Yeah, could throw over further, and shake the weak hands. It could even retest a few more times, but reversals in miners tend to be swift, as you can see at every turn over the past couple years. With any luck we see a nice V bottom, and a short squeeze that continues into the end of the end of the summer! 

Gold is a tricky trade, but there is a case to me made for gold here! 

If you think gold is bearish, then go long the soon to be extinct $USD, or better yet, go double short gold! 

I figure why not put it all out there today, and you haven't even seen 10% of my gold charts. 

If I've helped you with your trade, then be sure to support this website, by making purchases through affiliate links, posted on this website, and making donations through my personal PayPay

Tips are appreciated, and be sure to spread the word to your family and friends. 

Gold is your hedge against soon to be extinct US dollar.   

I'm not talking about the Gold Trade here, I'm talking about physical gold, in the form of rare coinage. Be sure to check out my recent Market Update 7/15/22 Currency Collapse Likely? Red Flags! Gold the next safety trade? 

Beautiful rare collectible coins like the ones below, and the ones I mentioned in Friday's blog, sell themselves!    

1913 Indian Head Five Dollar PCGS MS-62

Gold weight .2419 Troy Ounces

1927 $20 Twenty Dollar Gold St. Gaudens MS65 PCGS

Actual Gold weight 33.436 grams

Silver coinage is also a great option for storing wealth. I'm a big fan of the standing liberty quarter, and this looks like a fine specimen!   

1924-D Standing Liberty Quarter MS64 PCGS


I'll continue to look for great deals, and point them out when I see them. I may even follow in my fathers footsteps and open my own coin shop, in the future! 

Catch you later, and GL, AA 

Friday, July 15, 2022

Market Update 7/15/22 Currency Collapse Likely? Red Flags! Gold the next safety trade?

This market is really putting me though my paces, but it still can't seem to sell-off on light summer volume. I suppose there's still the slight possibility of a final shakeout today, which happens to be another Options Expiration Friday, but that's not a bet I would make on light summer volume! 

"Never sell a dull market"  

Every day we see market futures sold, the market gaps down, but by the end of the day the bears are left running for cover. So, regardless of how bearish the market may feel, it basically remains flat, day after day, as the $SPY continues to trade in a sideways range, as I pointed out earlier in the week. 

To update the short term futures chart, I blogged earlier in the week, we're trading into a down-turned triangle pattern, which is no doubt bullish, in the short term.  

$SPX futures point to a possible 3600 target, although a washout to 3595 would be even more bullish. 

I don't trade the $SPX. I have bigger fish to fry, trading several different sectors, spread across 3 accounts, some long bets, some shor bets, and sitting on 30% cash in one of my accounts, after taking a massive 30% profit in $BOIL, as I tweeted yesterday.

 I really have my hands full trading several sectors at once, and have little time left for blogging, and I could spend hours offering free technical analysis, but most traders are going to trade what they like, not what is working. 

I think we're going to continue to see mixed markets, so you gotta be careful what you invest in. 

We've already seen China, and Biotech run, so we could see more profit taking there, but I think biotech is more likely to bounce going into today's (pre) rigged Options Expiration date.    

Speaking of Biotech; Novavax investors are taken out behind the woodshed! 

Speaking of China

China's economy records slowest growth since the start of 2020 CNN Business 

Where does the smart money go next? A couple of places I think, but you can bet the dumb money is still buying the dips in technology stocks. 

Currency Collapse Likely?    

I think we could see some violent moves in currency markets, which can spill over into the equities markets, but I think things could be a little bit different this time. While everyone is worried about last months inflation number, the $USD continues to soar to new 14 year highs? This makes absolutely no sense! Also we've already seen commodities, and oil crushed, so the fear inflation is over done. 

2. We also see the Euro at new recent lows

3. $YEN trading at new highs 

4. Gold trading at new recent lows 

Not to mention all the geopolitical risk. 

1. Trump claims he's going to run again. 

2. Boris Johnson's government collapses 

3. Brexit is falling apart

4. Italian government is falling 

5. Sri Lanka 

Gold Slides to 9-Month Low as Investors Turn to Dollar as Haven Bloomberg

When the US dollar, or any number of other currencies, including the Chinese $YUAN, collapses, where is the real safety trade going to be found? Not in Bitcoin, but in gold! Let's face it, you can't hold a piece of bitcoin in your hand!    

Disclaimer: I'm not an investment advisor, but as I've blogged in the past; everyone should own some gold, or at least some Silver, and as a market timer I can advise you that the best time to add to your vault, is on pullback!  

I like Gold as a trade, but when it comes to owning physical gold, I don't recommend owning gold bullion!   

"Gold bullion is not a safe investment", because it can be confiscated, just as it was in 1933, when Executive Order 6102 made it a criminal offense for U.S. citizens to own, or trade gold anywhere in the world, with exceptions for some jewelry and collector's coins - multiple sources  

That's right, Gold coins were excluded from confiscation! 

My father got me interested in coin collecting at an early age, so I remember when we went off the gold standard. This was during the 70's, when we saw similar inflation, and tumultuous markets, and "history has a way of repeating itself"! 

I may make a small commission on  purchases made using Amazon affiliate links on this website, but I believe these deals are just too hot to pass up. 

First I want to give you some guidelines for purchasing collectible coins: 

1. "Collect coins you find beautiful". This is advice my father gave me, and it stuck, so you won't find me recommending coins that I don't find very desirable from an aesthetic aspect. 

2. Always check for condition, or you could be hoodwinked into buying junk. Coins in the best condition, command the most money, but they also hold their value. "Buy the best and you'll never be disappointed"!  

3. Only collect coin which have:

a. Numismatic Value - This is what makes it a collectible. I has rare coin value. 

b.  High rare metal content - For example silves coins minted before 1965 are 90% silver, not clad 

c.  Face Value - this however doesn't apply to bullion coins, which have never been in circulation, because in reality these are not legal tender, and were never intended to be... 

4. Don't buy tokens, or medallions, which are not very collectible. Don't be hoodwinked!

5. Many collectors are not going to like this one, but don't invest in Silver, or Gold Eagles. These are considered bullion coins, and as bullion, they could be subject to confiscation!    

6. Always buy the best condition, you can afford. I recommend only purchasing "about uncirculated" grade, or better, but MS (mint state) 63-65 are even better!  

7. Find a dealer you can trust, and when purchasing on line, check the reviews. 

I prefer Peace Dollars to Morgan dollars 

I own both.... I just find the peace dollar more pleasing to the eye. 


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Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Market Update 7/13/2022 - Market Being Walked Down to Support - Commodities Super Cycle & Gold

Touching on yesterday's update where we identified the bearish reversal in commodities: I assume everyone has heard about the so called, "commodities super-cycle", story repeated a million times by now, but do you know who invented that story? Goldman stated in October 2020 that commodities were beginning a supercycle that could last years and possibly a decade." Bloomberg   

That's right, non other than Jim Cramer's, old employer, Government Sachs, rigged the commodities market, and drove the false narrative!     

Market futures are green again: It seems weird to me that investors would continue to buy every dip, so I started looking at some charts, as well as at, who is reporting earnings this week.   

Delta reports today, and airlines have already rallying ahead of that. I was wrong on Airlines earlier in the year, but I would be a buyer again down here. A $99 donation to my personal papal, get's you all the charts you need; if you're looking for entry, and a months worth of target's, in that select sector. 

NYSE is trending up. I didn't notice this until this morning. The lower black line is a trend line, and the trend is technically up.  Not exactly support, as I put in the title of today's update, and I tend not to trust most of these black pattern lines, as I explain in my chart legend, located on one of the tabs, on the home page. 

I see other technicians who pretend to know what they're doing, calling these type of trend lines, support lines, but it's nothing more than a trend line. Here I am. calling out one of these dipshits'...   

Of course the heavily rigged $SPX index should generally follow the $NYSE, so let's take a look at that chart. 

$SPX - Looks like we could see a breakout - above the upper channel (in black) to 4000, if the pattern is true. Anything is possible I suppose, but if the lower pink line breaks, you should already know what to do, and have alternate trade, or a backup plan at least! The thing is, 90% of traders don't have a plan. They are only mentally prepared to trade the market they want, rather than the market they have. 

Think of this as a chess game. You should be thinking 5 moves ahead, not trying to make predictions.  

 Pink lines are also explained in the chart legend, and it's called a, "stop-hunt", for a reason. Because when that line breaks, every pro on Wall Street is going to know what to do, and stops are already set, and if the bottom drops out, we will be looking at the lower channel (in black), for the next buy target, somewhere below the 3500 area.  I think that's unlikely, but do you have a cash reserve, ready to be put to work, in such a scenario?  You should...!  

Be prepared to trade like a pro, and practice proper money management, and you'll be better than 90% of the other retail investors. 

I wish I could tell you which sector is going to lead a rally, but you're going to have to use a stock screener, or some other method, to figure that out. 

If on the other hand, the 3800 level breaks, and the $VIX continues to spike, then we're likely going to be looking at the 3700 level. For that target; see the blue parallel line, matching my upper (red) resistance line. Blue lines are usually parallel....  

As confusing as this update must be for some folks, this should carry us into Monday of next week, at least.  

One last thing: A parallel channel on the GOLD chart! 

Good luck, AA