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Legend to the Public Charts Area 

Since stockcharts doesn't allow for much room to provide explanations, and notifications, in the public charts area, so I thought it would be good to do so here.

My short term outlook: Last updated - 10/14/2019 - outlook for the broader market: Short term Bearish ahead of the Brexit deadline, and the Thanksgiving Day Holiday.    

My long term outlook: Very Bearish.  To put it simply - It's been over 10 years, since the last bear market, so we're already way overdue.

The $NYSE has failed to even make higher high since early 2018 - see the 3 year $NYA chart located on the last page of the public charts area.  

Charts Legend:

Blue lines - trend or channel

Purple lines - consolidation pattern in a bearish range, or pattern

Black Lines - Alternative trend

Black, (or Grey) dotted lines (with or without an arrow) signifies possible price actions, or direction 

Pink - Key support

Pink line with a circle - identifies a stop-hunt (same as hey support, but with added weight).

Pink (price circled) - sometimes I'll circle a price label - for instance; the SPX 3000 level, or the DOW 30,000 level, if it seems this is what everyone is watching. This level may also coincide with a moving average, so this could also be considered a stop-hunt.        

Green line -  obvious generic support - although the market commonly overshoots to the downside

Red line - resistance - although more often than not you'll see resistance taken out, before you see a reversal

Orange - minor resistance

Green arrow - buy signal - although the market commonly overshoots to the downside 

Red arrow - sell signal - although more often than not you'll see resistance taken out, before you see a reversal. 

Pink arrow is a buy, or sell signal with a tight stop. Pink arrow may also identify the break out point, or broken support (after the fact).   

Numbering and Lettering is associated with Elliott Wave Theory, and I use a simplified method, rather than the official labeling method. 

Fibonacci tools (lines) are usually in grey, unless for instance - if we see a reversal at a key FIB target, in which case I may highlight it, green, or red. depending on the circumstances)  


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    sharetipsinfoApr 17, 2012 03:11 AM

    Nice blog,
    Just wondering what people think about current market situation? Are we ready for another phase of recession? How our stock market are gonna react? Lets share our view in this cool blog. What Say?
    Anthony AllynApr 18, 2012 07:35 AM

    Thanks for the compliment sharetips,

    I wonder if I can set up a separate page on this blog dedicated to comments. I'm going to look into that, so folks can find comments easily.

    Concerning the market. I think once investors realize the fed is out of ammo, and nothing can be done to stop crash part II, we will finally see real panic.

    From an Elliott Wave Standpoint the bulls are running out of options. Once a triangle pattern completes that's the end of the larger combination pattern.

    I think everyone is tired of trading sideways, while the media and the government continue to lying to us about how strong the recovery is going to be.

    Thanks for stopping by,
    Anthony Allyn

  2. 2 comments move from the Forex Page:

    May 10, 2012 11:30 AM

    Followed your charts with interest for almost 2 years, now that you've stepped into fx I just might subscribe.

    One thing I've learned about fx is that E-wave is a little different here. Major moves are all 3 wave affairs. Think about it and it makes sense, because currencies travel in a range (unless one goes extinct).

    I've been charting U/J for a couple of years now and it has moved along with my count so I thought I'd throw my long term count at you. In wave 4 triangle now with 5 to soon (soon is relative, this is monthly chart) get under way.

    I'm not saying you're wrong, just sharing what I see.
    Anthony AllynMay 10, 2012 2:22 PM

    Hi TAfool,

    First off - Thanks for following my blog. When I started this blog I was still pretty green, but I'd bet I've put in 10k hours charting since. I'm pretty confident, but triangles are tricky. I go by feel a lot, and it sure felt like wave e panic the other morning - looked like the word was about to end, and now the Euro is rallying as forecast. Only time will tell.

    You're welcome to join the website, but Forex is going to remain here. I like trading leveraged ETF's, commodities, and beaten down stocks now and then.

    You may be right, wave E can end in a triangle in that situation. It's too bad my charts don't go back further. I'll take another look once I'm rested, but if it's a wave e reversal we should know by morning. Take Care

    Regards, Tony

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    1. Thanks for the positive feedback. Means a lot. I should check comments more often.

  4. I am following you on tweeter for many years and you are the best.
    Any thoughts on TMV (short Treasuries) going into the Future?
    Thank You

    1. I think now is a good time. Too bad I can't post a chart here. Ask me on twitter @3xtraders