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Friday, April 28, 2023

Awesome Swing Trading This Week

 I haven't blogged for a few days, because I figure folks grow tired of hearing me declare victory every day, but to get you caught up to speed:

Capital that started flowing of out of US markets, well ahead of the so called "banking crisis", was put to work in France, pumping Louis Friggin' Vuitton, of all things!   

Louis Vuitton Smashes $500 Billion Valuation Mark, Chases Tesla: 5 Points

This is the first time I can remember an entire country being pumped, since they did the same thing in the Nifty, and that continues to be held up years later. Before that it was the Chinese market in 2018, and that was followed by a nice unwind. 

I suspect we still haven't seen the absolute top in the $CAC, but the crash in global equities can't be far away. Maybe another year or 2, at this rate? Just look at how long India continues to hold up.  

It takes time to form a top; a lot more time than it takes to build a base. 

Getting back to this weeks wrap-up: 

Tuesday, we finally saw a decent pull back:

Of course I predicted this on Monday - just before tech earnings kicked off - calling it a "bear trap" - and it sure looks that way, Wed. morning. 

Thurs. confirmed the bear trap, and they even managed to squeeze some retail short sellers in $AMZN, in after hours trading. 

Updated my status yesterday afternoon 

I've already taken some profits on both sides of the trade; after adding to long positions, on Wed., and put on some protection, ahead of yesterday's ridiculous close. 

It doesn't get much easier than that! 

Part of what made this call so darn easy, was that both the Nasdaq, back-tested the 50 day moving average, and that was an obvious buy target, to anyone who was paying attention, as well as the AI  that trades this market. 

The $VIX ran a little further (to the upside) than I predicted last week, but it ran to a revised target I came up with over the weekend. I don't share those targets with anybody. 


Funny most the reporting has surrounded outflows from First Republic, yet in hindsight the financials were driven back to the 50 day moving average target, before they were taken down again. 

In other words it was a technical target, and the outflows from $FRC, are only a distraction... 

As it turns out; investors who were paralyzed by all the negative news, missed out on one of the biggest rallies we've seen in the tech space, for at least a month. 

What next? 

A one day short squeeze in FAANG stocks looks like any other counter-trend rally to me. 

There are just too many things not to like about yesterday's rally, to even mention. 

Vornado $VNO took out my buy target yesterday 

I also like the pullback on $SNAP as I tweeted out several times yesterday, with a chart. Sadly the retail short sellers can't read a chart, and prefer to troll the folks who can... 

I also see a sector I like, and a possible safe hiding place for your 401k. If you're interested in that information, then please remit $99 to my Paypal, and I'll be happy to reveal it to you.  

Take Care, 


Tuesday, April 25, 2023

There's Always A Bull Market Somewhere...

 Did I nail the direction, on yesterday's outlook, or what?! 

I'm not going to repeat the analysis I gave in yesterday's blog; but when I'm absolutely spot on; on so many fronts, sometimes I have to pinch myself, to make sure I'm not dreaming! 


My due diligence pays off, as both BofA and JP Morgan agree, it's time to sell Europe. 

Tech Earnings kick off with a bang as microsoft beats... How do I already know that..? Because the chart says so. 

$MSFT Microsoft can at least retest the recent highs, after yesterday's reversal candle. 


That's really the only earnings that matter, because this is the top holding in the $QQQ 

Speaking of the Q's 

If you did your due diligence, then you know PepsiCo is another major component, and you already know that one was seen breaking out to all time highs, again yesterday. "There's always a bull market somewhere", if you know where to look. 

 Here's something I didn't see coming, and that was ExxonMobil breaking out to new all time -intra-day highs; of course this is another favorite among the bulls who continually manipulate the broader market, so it's no wonder we had to wait another day for a pullback.... 

What's going to be interesting to see is if they take a page from last year's playbook, and drive Energy higher, as they take profits in big tech in 2023?  

Take Care, 

Monday, April 24, 2023

Weekly Wrap-up, and a Look Ahead as Focus Turns to Tech Earnings

In this week's newsetter I reiterated that the market holding up as it has...  had everything to do with Options Expiration; so now that OPEX is past, will the market finally correct? Probably not. 

Sideways market action points to consolidation, and usually bullish consolidation. 

If you know even basic Elliott Wave Theory, then you know that sideways action has all the underpinnings of a classic wave 4 pattern, and in this instance, a bullish wave 4. 

Even traders who don't know Elliott Wave Theory call this kind of sideways action, "the pause that refreshes". 

Tech - The Most Heavily Manipulated Market Of All 

Of course the powers that be are planning to squeeze the short sellers out of the tech sector again, but I think not until they're done setting the bear trap. 

Not knowing how earnings are about to play out, puts us at a bit of a disadvantage. 

I couldn't even tell you who is set to report... because my favorite website for that kind of information, seems to be down - possibly due to the latest solar storm. 

NVIDIA isn't set to report for another month May 24th. 

You can see this sideways consolidation perfectly on the $NVDA chart below. 

$NVDA - 15 min. view -  Looks like a sideways (contracting) triangle in minor a wave 4.  


Because this just happens to be one of the top 10 holding in the $QQQs, and this market is all about juicing the QQQs. I'm sure you've seen the endless commercials.... 

Related: April 4th

Here's yet another major component of the QQQ's being pumped on Friday 

 $AMZN  Amazon

 $QQQ Invesco QQQ - continues to drive this market. Next target looks like 333 (335) a slightly higher recent high

Funny how well the targets seem to line up on the above chart, when they don't line up on the NASDAQ chart. Just points to how narrowly traded this market is.

I'd guess that target coincides with 4200 on the $SPX, since the powers that be remain hyper focused on round number targets?   

Speaking of the $SPX 

I was looking at the $SPX futures on Friday, and found this down-turned triangle pattern, so I think there's a good chance we see a downside surprise first thing Monday morning.  

That chart explains a lot! Explains why US traders can't find a pattern on the $SPX chart - because foreigners are driving the US futures market, as they continue to drive Europe higher, as they claim everything is hunky dory. 

Of course US markets look weak, and that makes investors nervous/ bearish. 

To add some weight to that theory, most the retail traders on twitter who thought the market should sell off several weeks ago, are still betting on a correction.

I want to bet directly against that crowd, or at least not bet with them. 

With any luck we can continue to set the bear trap this week, and then squeeze the retail short sellers into the beginning of May, on the heals of another FOMC announcement.    

Looking ahead to the FOMC meeting

Typically you get a relief rally on a Fed meeting, regardless of the decision, so watch for that. 

I would expect to get a pullback ahead of the Fed meeting, followed by a bigger short squeeze.  

Maybe the upside target overshoots. No doubt the bulls want to force a short squeeze, before they take profits, and take off for the summer. 

To be honest it's still a little difficult to predict a big breakout here, but I'll try to update future targets as they unfold. 

Good Luck, AA 

Friday, April 21, 2023

The Elephant In The Room

That best describes the trade this week! 

Last weekend I described the trade as, "ridiculous as ever, which seems to have become the new normal." 

On Tues. I blogged on the Boring Market in Dull Markets Continue 

At least I've been consistent and right all along, but trading has been as excruciating, as I can ever remember. 

Sure, we're seeing a little whipsawing action here and there, but by the looks of it, we're going to close about UNCH (unchanged) for the week. 

Yesterday, we finally got a little rebalancing, and I can hardly even believe I got that call right! 

That's right, after a week of trading in a range, I called for a correction, back to the extreme lower end of that range, and we finally saw stocks end deep in the red. 

Of course nobody else saw this coming, or there would have been at least 1 like on the tweet. Sense my frustration? 

I actually saw the sell-off coming, around 2PM CST in real time

I suppose most traders would be thrilled to be right so many times in a row, but I like to trade leveraged ETFs, and I'm not usually jumping in and out of trades intraday, as a "pattern day trader".

At some point in the near future I see myself being upgraded by my broker to that status, but I'm not in any hurry to be labeled as such. If you're unfamiliar with what I'm talking about, here's an explanation 

As I was saying  I mainly trade leveraged ETF's, and these funds bleed value when you hold onto them in a flat market, and if you find yourself in a flat market, at some point you have to fish, or cut bait. This is why I recommended traders sit on their hands, until the $VIX starts breaking out. 
This constant bleed in leveraged ETF's also explains why the moving averages aren't very accurate, but that doesn't stop traders from actively trading those levels. 
Yesterday, we did see the $VIX finally move, but it was quickly sold as usual. 
I used the opportunity to take some money off the table, which is very frustrating, but the situation is what it is. At some point you have to have the discipline to do what is required, in order to trade another day.
If the $VIX breaks out above 18, then I may be forced to chase the downside, and there is a good possibility that the only thing that is holding this market up is Options Expiration - as we saw just ahead of the covid crash. That crash wasn't allowed to take place, until the following Monday. 

The Elephant In The Room 

The Elephant in the room is OPEX, and I was shocked to see Bloomberg report on it this morning! 

 I watched the TV coverage, and the news girl joked that this was probably a first... as she explained that the market hasn't been pinned like this for a very long time, and then she went on to talk about how money managers were basically being forced to buy (options) protection, which made no sense.
 Look, if MM's were buying protection, the $VIX would be up, and the market would be more likely to close up on OPEX. Even so, I think there's a good chance the $SPX finally closes above the 4100 level, this time.  
Then Bloomberg cut away to what can only be described as a NY City sunrise (climate engineering) psyop: Red skies are caused by particulate matter, high in the atmosphere, and that's why red sun rises, and sunsets, have become the new normal. I've been documenting this effect for over a decade now.

I sure do miss the beautiful sunrises we used to see, before climate engineering. 

The powers that be, only claim to be looking into climate engineering, as a way to cool the planet, because in fact, they've already been at this for a very long time. This is the number 1 threat to humanity, second only to nuclear annihilation, and it's being hidden in plain sight.   

Related Documentary Exposes The Truth About Climate Engineering:
The Dimming, Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary: Exposing the climate geoengineering cover-up 
Take Care, AA 

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Looks Like I Got It Wrong Again

 Looks Like I Got It Wrong Again 

I was thumbing through some super-long term chart views this morning - as I continue to prepare for the next market correction - and I found this long term prediction from earlier in the year. 

$COMPQ (Nasdaq) - see the red arrow. I was obviously expecting a rip your face off rally - in the Nasdaq - after all the selling we saw last year, yet all we've seen so far is continued weakness.  

Sure, we saw some money put to work in the tech sector in Q1 - and much of that was fueled by the rally in China - but nothing like I had imagined....

Also see the massive increase in volume on the chart, starting around the time of the covid bailouts.
I always wondered what that was, and I have to attribute it to money creation. A mountain of money.  

Also see the decrease in volume, at the start of 2020, as the market was being sold ahead of the release of the virus, while the kleptocracy was reporting that the market had broken out to new all time highs.

‘There will be a challenge to the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases.’ — Watch Dr. Anthony Fauci predict a pandemic under the Trump admin back in 2017.

Getting back to the current market action in 2023 

If you look at the above chart, you can't even find a pattern... because we're only in the second, or 3rd inning...

Even yesterday I found myself charting long after the closing bell, searching for a pattern on this index. 


Pull up a DCS view of a 3 year chart of the Wilshire 5000 $WLSH 
Search for patterns, trends, channels, and the like. If you know advanced Elliott Wave Theory, you can attempt to try to apply that as well.  

I challenge you to not only find the range the broader market is trading in, but then try to apply that to the $SPX, and the Nasdaq. 

If you can find the pattern, then more power to you, when attempting to trade it, over the rest of year, but if you are still having trouble finding the range (and there is a clue...), then you are better off trading a practice account, rather than with real money.

I'm not even going to provide you with any help... because it's better to teach a man how to fish, than to give him free fish.   
This is how I learned: 

First, I learned all I could as far as classic technical charting, from every reputable source I could find, but I also looked at most of it, with a discerning eye.  

Second, once I learned how to chart like a pro, I relied on little outside influence, as I found it tended to skew my analysis. Today, I can easily look at someone else's work and totally discount it, but when you're still inexperienced, it's easy to allow yourself to be swayed by outside opinion. 

Practice proper money management, in fact don't trade real money, until you have more experience. 

In the first 12 years of trading, I blew up at least 3 trading accounts, one of which wasn't even mine - and luckily they were all rather small - between $500 - $5000. This was a great learning experience, and a real bargain. 

Don't expect to be able to trade markets successfully until you have at least a few years experience under your belt. 

Today's trade 

We continue to see mixed markets as I predicted last week. We even saw Apple driven up, as Netflix sold off, confirming yesterday's prediction.... 

I think stocks could continue to trade in a range for another week, or 2, looking at the Dow chart.

$INDU - breaks out. Continues to hold above support. 

Good Luck, AA

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

S&P Futures Hit 2 Month High: 4,200 Looms As Record Bearish Sentiment Leads To Another Melt-up?

S&P Futures Hit 2 Month High: 4,200 Looms As Record Bearish Sentiment Leads To Another Melt-up

That would be a very bullish signal; if it were true; 

Market Sentiment Indicator: How It's Used in Analysis and Types investopedia 

I used to be able to trust zero hedge - as a reliable source - but as it turns out, this is just more hype, I found in my twitter feed, on Tuesday. That's right, the headline on today's blog is pure bull crap! 

Of course, sentiment is one of the key indicators that I monitor, and I had already debunked the bearish sentiment theory - I saw being pushed by the fake financial news networks - in Tuesday's blog.

 So, not only is zero hedge seen pushing a false narrative, but they also seem to be plagiarizing...  

What happened to zero hedge; were they sold to the sharks who control Wall Street? idk  

Anyhow, I've since blocked Zero Hedge, because I can get plenty of fake news from other sources. 

Yesterday's Market Action:

We saw futures up, followed by a gap up, at the open, but no sooner than the market tried to break out, it was quickly hammered back down. 

 I had been anticipating some pump 'n' dump action, as traders and money managers returned from vacation, so I wasn't too surprised by yesterday's action. 

What I was surprised by was the way the market was hammered back down, only to close about unchanged for the day. 

Normally, a midway reversal - like the one we saw yesterday - is a very bad sign, so for the market to NOT close deep in the red, was a little surprising.  

Futures look weak after Netflix's miss 

I'm kind of surprised to see futures holding up so well, after Netflix missed their subscriber goals.

Netflix itself is only down 1%. This just proves that the FAANG stocks continue to be used in order to rig the broader market. 

Watch for one or another of the FAANG stocks, or even Microsoft to rally, in order to balance things out. 

You'll even see CNBC report such nonsense; "Google is lower, but Apple is up". 

Can you imagine how difficult the market is going to be to read, once AI controls every headline, as well as most trading platforms? 

Here's an interesting video I found yesterday, as I was trying to deal with the boredom, of trading a flat market:

Speaking of the boring market

It's really a shame we have to waste so much time trading flat markets, and waiting for tops to form.

 Time is money, so nobody is making money in this market. 

I recently used financials as an example of a market that continues to chug slightly higher, on better than expected earnings, and it's an excruciating thing to watch, let alone trade. 

I'm still hoping things will pick up, now that money managers have returned from vacation, but I also think it takes time to get back up to speed, and if they're planning to take this market down, it takes time to load the algos. 

I think most traders don't realize how much planning goes into an engineered pullback. I imagine they probably even do computer models, and then have to recalculate, so that they don't end up having to pause in the middle of a correction, and reassess....   

Still looking for a pullback, and not because I'm extremely bearish, as far as sentiment is concerned. 

I think the market is complacent, and we just saw stocks run on light holiday volume, on the back of first quarter window dressing. 

Chart of the day 

 After doing some extra charting after yesterday's closing bell I discovered this bearish channel, on the $SPX futures chart. 

To be honest I'm not sure how accurate that chart is, so I have to do some more due diligence.  

Meanwhile Earnings down look so bad 

Take Care, AA 

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Dull Markets Continue

Boring Markets Continue 

 Looks like this could be another boring trading day, as earnings remain in focus: 

This morning it's Bank of America ($BAC), and that should be good for another 50 day moving average target.  

Goldman also reports today. Their stock has already run beyond the moving averages, so I wouldn't be surprised to see a downside reversal in that name. 

Just for fun:

I've created a short term chart, and added it to the public charts area, and given it a pullback target of 316.38

$GS - pullback target $316.38

Lockeed Martin 
$LMT also reports 

I wouldn't touch that one for all the tea in China!

The pattern is an ending diagonal triangle. 

The beast I refer to in the annotations on that chart is the beast system, spoken of in the Book of Revelation, and this earth age seems to be winding down, in a hurry. 

That would explain all the confusion we're seeing


The $VIX has been beaten down to a 16 month low, and that - low $VIX - goes hand in hand with smaller market moves. It also points to extreme complacency. 

Bloomberg was seen reporting that the sentiment is very bearish, and then in the next segment they interview one of their own people, who claims that the $VIX doesn't matter. 

They obviously have some sort of agenda, to be reporting such BS. 

 Even CNN's Fear & Greed Index is running at the high end of the greed scale 

China is upgraded 

JP Morgan, Citi upgrade China 2023 full-year GDP growth forecast

That looks like a desperation move by the US banks, since a China recovery was priced in at the beginning of the year.  


The Fast Money Crew likes REITs, of all things, because there's a large short percentage, and because the stocks look cheap. Yeah, maybe they look cheap for a reason, and maybe the short sellers are right, as they were about the banks, in '08!? 

Regardless, REITs were already run up with the home builders, 3 weeks ago. 

I do, however. like Vornado Realty ($VNO), which has lost nearly 90% of its value over the past 8 years. 

Market Futures 

Futures are pointed up again, so we could see a little breakout, as I was saying on Friday.  

I'm watching a right shoulder target on the $NYSE 

The Wilshire 5000 $WLSH - on the other hand - has already broken out above that right shoulder target.   

The market is going to remain boring, until we see the $VIX start breaking out again, so the best course of action is probably to just sit on your hands, for the time being. 

Take Care, AA 


Saturday, April 15, 2023

Weekly Wrap-up; Financials, $SPX, $VIX, Silver

 Sat. Morning: 

I sent off the latest weekly newsletter this morning, alerting subscribers to the warning I put out on Thursday, after the $SPX took out our target, as well as other important points I made in that article. 

Friday's Trade: 

Friday's trade was as ridiculous as ever, which seems to have become the new normal.  

Bank Earnings spurs more Wall Street hijinks: 

Financials/ Banks pumped on light volume, in order to squeeze out a few retail short sellers. Thankfully I wasn't one of them. 

$DJUSFN  I may have got the short term direction - or timing - on financials wrong, but I wasn't short, and even if I had been... it wouldn't have amounted to much of a loss.  

Ultimately Friday's tiny move is meaningless, as most of the recent market moves have been.... 

I mentioned in this week's newsletter that the market action has been weaker than expected, and you can see that in the chart above. 

Perhaps the bulls can continue to hold financials in the top of the range for several more days, and that seems to be another trend we're seeing. 

As I mentioned last week, it looks like the market is only being held up, in order to crash it at a later date. I later confirmed this on one of my charts, and I may reveal that in a future blog.   

Getting back to the banks 

I noticed 2 Banks jacked up on Friday, and as it turns out these were the 2 biggest movers...  

$JPM - of course this is one of Wall Street's favorite names.  

$C Citigroup - the same zombie bank that played a key role in the 2008 financial collapse. 

Recommended reading: 

Mr. Weill Goes to Washington pbs

The politics and the impact of Sandy Weill's creation of Citigroup, the first full-service superbank, and the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act that stood in his way.
Short Squeezes

Of course this is what you typically see in bear markets, and the recent action doesn't bode well for the  bulls. You can't make money forcing Friday short squeezes forever. At some point normal stocks have to perform, or you'll see more investors leave the market entirely, and move into alternative investments, like Crypto.  

Do you realize that fewer stocks have made new all time highs - when compared to all time lows - over the past decade (plus)? That's the definition of a bear market, and it explains why all the heavy lifting has to be done by a dew names like Apple, Microsoft, and ExxonMobil.  


We continued to see highly unusual $VIX action on Friday, as the powers that be continue to short the $VIX, in order to purchase cheap Puts.

This explains why the $VIX continues lower, even as the market rally peters out. 


Silver continued higher, and it makes me wonder if the market isn't being manipulated, like we saw in the 80's. Probably not, but you just never know.... 

Silver Price Manipulation: Fact or Fantasy?

We've also seen gold manipulated in the not so distant past.

JPMorgan to pay $920 million for manipulating precious metals, treasury market

With that in mind, you don't want to fight the direction in precious metals, for too long. 

We did however see the sector smashed on Friday, once the $USD bounced off a double bottom. 

Silver - we may have already seen the reversal, although targets on commodities overshoot all the time. Good luck


Take Care, AA 



Friday, April 14, 2023

Market Finally Takes Out The Target

 Market Finally Takes Out The Target 

Seemed like forever; but it only took a week to take out our target on the $SPX 


This is being reported at a broad market rally, but stocks like Apple did most the heavy lifting 


  Also Facebook 

One thing I couldn't help but notice is that $SOX is no longer leading the tech rally

I was able to delete at least 30 charts yesterday, mostly $USO Oil charts, which were no longer working, but also about a dozen $SPX charts. 

 Speaking of Oil:

I heard CNBC report that Oil had pulled back after hitting the 200 day moving average? 

Did a little fact checking and found that to be false!  

$WTI crude oil came close... and if CNBC is reporting it, it's only because they're regurgitating what certain traders are saying.  

Always checkout the fake news  

When I blogged that oil had gapped up from the 50 day moving average, to the 200 day average, that was based on what I was seeing on the $USO chart, but the $USO is not the best representation of West Texas crude. Of course traders trade it, like it is crude oil, but there's a sucker born every minute. 

If you want to trade crude oil you really have to chart 3 different views, and that's not even including the Oil $VIX, and that should be your homework...  

Speaking of the $VIX

I'm a little afraid of what might come next, based on the $VIX levels.

I tweeted out some of those levels yesterday, and even revealed some charts, but then I decided it was better to take most of them down, and delete the tweets. 

Look, we are facing the real risk of Nuclear war, and a financial collapse, yet all traders seem to be interested in is the next earnings report, and hammering the $VIX lower. It's rather frightening! 

I think we could see another breakout on the Dow, but I don't like the fact that it closed at an even number target (34k), and after finally hitting some important targets, I want to just give it a rest, and wait to see what the market does next. 

$INDU - Next - breakout target - on the dow looks like 34.3. That's not a trade I'm willing to chase.  

We saw Boeing release some bad news overnight, and this seems utterly planned, just as it did when Boeing led the way down, well ahead of when the covid story was allowed to break. 

I'm also seeing some frightening levels, and chart patterns, on European equities, and we've seen numerous alerts to a possible nuclear false flag, months ago. 

False Flag/ Black Swan 

1 year ago 

5 months ago

More recently 

Russia again accuses Ukraine of planning ‘false flag’ attack aljazeera 

Also: Why has Joe Biden been spending so much time away from DC, and now he's been sent overseas, on what we're supposed to believe is a sightseeing tour?   

Gold - This would also explain why the powers that be continue to buy gold, hand over fist. 

Take Care, AA 

Thursday, April 13, 2023

Market Update After Yesterday's CPI Number

 Yesterday we got a little pullback, and it wasn't on the CPI number, but rather on the Fed minutes. 

The billion dollar baby's didn't like talk of another rate hike in May! 

Market's reaction to Fed minutes 4/12/23

Funny, just the other day I was saying there wasn't the possibility of another rate hike until June, but I must have missed the May meeting on the FOMC calendar - May 2-3. Holy cow, that's right around the corner! 

This morning, the market seems to be taking the news a little better.  

The market continues to hold up, above support, and that's going to continue for as long as it continues. 


Earnings are in focus, as I said in Tuesday's update

It could be that yesterday's selling had more to do with that sector rotation I've been talking about, and the need to raise some cash ahead of earnings season. Look, you have to sell something, in order to buy something else. Cash doesn't grow on trees; it's printed, and created out of thin air, and for now the Fed isn't cooperating. 

Intermediate term

 Markets look somewhat toppy to me, but as I told one of my followers yesterday, were probably not going to see volatility start spiking again, until the bears capitulate. 

I said as much in yesterday's update: 

"My best guess is traders return and drive stocks to my upside target, only to pull the rug out. Could be a Monday morning surprise, followed by a technical Tuesday, who knows..?"  

Someone over at Government Sachs predicted that volatility is going to spike, so perhaps that has some traders on edge. 

Some day, Goldman Sachs will be right; sooner or later; volatility always returns. 

Why do all these so called analysts look like sharks? 

Bloomberg Surveillance : BLOOMBERG : January 22, 2021 4:00am-5:00am EST

Nice press photo! lol 

Someone on Twitter asks: 

You think that vix squeeze coming soon?☺️

— SweetCaroline🦍💎🚀 (@Ape_girl_haley) April 12, 2023

PLEASE - read these updates, because I am not here to hold your hand, and I can't handle distractions!  

I even put out this warning in Monday's update:

 "Twitter Warning: I'm pretty liberal with the (twitter) block button, so don't pester me there. I'm not there to pump your position, or to hold your hand, and opinions - unless based in (sound) technical theory - are not appreciated." 

Short Term  

Not much change 

$SPX continues to trade in a tight range; the same range we've been watching for the past few days

From the public charts area: 

NASDAQ is walked down to support 

I even took some profits, as I stated in a reply to my own tweet (above)  

"Market doesn't want to sell off, yet. Retest the highs #NASDAQ Tech stocks"

Maybe we see more selling in the sector, but that chart is going to have to break, before I start picking bottoms again. I actually already have a lower NASDAQ target, already picked out, but I'm keeping that close to my chest. 

The Dow 

Looks like it tested resistance, and we're seeing that index down in futures markets 

Volume should pick up next week 

As more traders return from vacation on Monday, we should be getting back to normal volume, just in time for April OPEX. 

If you don't know what that means, then watch and learn. 

Markets move according to cyclicality, and the rigged Options markets, and this is all scheduled to play out, according to plan. 

Take care, AA   


Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Market Update ahead of the CPI number

 Market Update ahead of the CPI number 

In case you missed any recent updates; the $SPX continues to trade in a tight 90 point range, while certain sectors continue to be pumped, at random. 

The latest.... being home builders. 

Spotted this just by chance; it's not a sector I follow very closely: 

If you caught the CNBC fast money show last night, then you saw them all declaring victory on that trade, and they've been planning it for what seems like several weeks now.  

These clowns are either trading home builders, or casinos, because these are thinly traded sectors. Easy to manipulate. 

Look, I don't wait around for several weeks, waiting for a market to be pumped, but I did spot a swing trade in financials.  

Funny I saw #SwingTrading trending on Twitter this morning, and added the following description: 

Financials 30 min chart

This is what I do. I buy the dips, and sell the rips, and if all goes according to plan, I make money on the round trip, rather than just hoping for the market to move in one direction, as most traders do... 


I made a major breakthrough on gold yesterday, after performing a little extra charting, after the bell. 

$GOLD - explains why gold has been bought hand over fist, over the past several weeks! 

Of course no sooner than I tweeted the chart, the gold bugs were liking it. 

I'm not going to give away my Gold targets, but I can tell you that the above chart isn't as accurate as it looks. 

The broader market 

The broader market continues to trade like crap, as expected this time of year, but I'm a little afraid of what may come next. All this weakness on a heavily shorted $VIX isn't bullish. 

Hopefully we start seeing more direction; either on today's CPI number, or as traders return from holiday over the next several days. We could see one sector or another targeted, and we're already seeing some weakness in tech. 

My best guess is traders return and drive stocks to my upside target, only to pull the rug out. Could be a Monday morning surprise, followed by a technical Tuesday, who knows..?  

Bitcoin & Crypto in the news 

 Yesterday, I caught the fake news pumping crypto; after ignoring the space for several weeks, even as Bitcoin rallied to 30k. Now they claim that it has decoupled from tech, and become the safety trade ("like Gold"), and they even had a fake (bullish) Bitcoin chart as a lead in to a bullish guest. 

I think it's not hard to imagine what comes next.   

Let me try to recreate the bitcoin chart, I watched bloomberg's Matt Miller draw in real time 

Looked a lot like a bullish channel 

Crypto’s Next Ethereum Upgrade Lets Stakers Roam Free bloomberg

Take Care, AA 

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Trading Into Earnings Season, Bitcoin hits 30k, Buffett Invests In Japan, Silver


Looks like we avoided a recession, and a banking crisis, and the next Fed meeting isn't for 2 months.

What does that mean? Means we're probably going to be off to the races, at some point, or at least certain sectors are....

I have a couple sectors I'm already long, and looking to add to a 3rd; if everything goes according to plan.

Of course defensive sectors, and money markets aren't going to do too well, but I got out of those positions, and put on more risk a while back. That was on the 24th of March to be exact!
Knowing which sectors are bullish, and which ones aren't... is going to be critical, as I also see several sector rotations coming. Remember what I said about certain sectors being run up, which shorting the $VIX, just in order to build massive short positions in the Options market?

If you need mentoring trading in the current environment then Paypal me $99, and then contact me on twitter, and I'll do what I can, over the next month or 2 - before trading volume dries up during the summer.

Earnings in focus: 

Friday earnings kick off with the Big Banks. This seems to be all the market is focused on. 

$VIX continues to be hammered below the magic number (20).

Buffett Invests In Japan 

This is actually old news, and the fake News trying to make it sound bullish. 

$NIKK (Japan) Not seeing much of a trade here, although I'd be selling the upper end of the range...

$SPX futures - The June contracts continue to trade way above the actual index at nearly 4150 

That just happens to be pretty close to the short term target I've been pointing to, on the DCS chart. 

$SPX - continues to trade in a sideways range 


Bitcoin broke out late yesterday evening 

If it continues then 33k is the next big resistance 

I still think all these Alt dollar trades are about to be taken out behind the woodshed, along with any Alt equities trades... like we saw during the covid money printing spree.  

Speaking of which; Silver has continued to run all the way back to the top of the range.... 

$SILVER - weekly chart - ...trades into a down-turned expanding declining triangle aka a down-turned megaphone pattern.  

Reversals in Silver can happen suddenly, but after this kind of momentum, I think it could take a little time to top out. The bulls stop would be the previous high (level) at 24.77 

The pattern on the above chart is eerily similar to the one on the broader market, and the Dow is trading into a similar sub pattern (pattern within a pattern). 

$INDU - 

What does all that mean? Means there's a good chance we see the rug pulled, no sooner than the banksters return from holiday.  

Take Care,