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Monday, July 25, 2022

Booted Off Twitter Again

Booted Off Twitter Again 

I was booted off Twitter - again - after Friday's close, because I don't go along with every false narrative that's being pushed by the deep state, including the idea that everyone in God's creation should be given an experimental vaccine, to protect then from catching a virus that has a very small chance of killing otherwise healthy people. 

There is not only plenty of evidence that the vaccine isn't effective, but there is new evidence that the vaccine has done more harm than good! 

“More Harm Than Good:” Viral Canadian Covid Care Alliance Document Gives Disturbing Data on Pfizer Vaccines, Describes “Level 1 Harm”, Misrepresented Efficacy [VIDEO]

Speaking of Pfizer, their stock has soared thanks to the pandemic, as has the Biotech sector, and the same people who promoted the funding into covid research, testing, and vaccines, may have benefited financially, but that's a topic for another day. 

$PFE - Pfizer stock soared with the pandemic, but now we see it consolidating, even as the WHO announces yet another global emergency - Monkey Pox (insert eye roll here)   

I think part of the reason I got booted off twitter, is because the corporate fascists are working hard to keep the false narrative alive, after (vaccinated and boosted) Joe Biden fell ill, after his recent super-spreader event in the middle east.  The internet has been scrubbed clean of Joe biden sick in Israel, but I managed to find 1 link. 

What is becoming more and more apparent is that those who have been vaccinate are coming down with covid, while those who have not been vaccinate, are not, and there's a good reason for that, and it was Joe Biden's recent trip to the middle east, which really highlighted this point. 

What I learned on Friday, is that any information that contradicts the CDC, or any other government agency,  will not be tolerated on twitter! Believe what the CDC says, and shut up! Never mind the fact that this isn't the first time the federal government has experimented on it's own citizenry in the past. 

The most obvious cases of this that come to mind are: 

1.  Nuclear testing performed on US soldiers (forbes), and the same government who performed these tests claims that no harm was done...? Not sure I believe that.  

2.  Biological testing done on human populations   

How the U.S. Government Tested Biological Warfare on America (

Not to mention the toxic heavy metals being used in climate engineering programs.  

The Dimming, Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary

And is it any wonder that website has been removed from the top results in google search?  

What's confusing to me, is that none of this vaccine pushing nonsense is even part of Twitter public policy, and not stated in their rules, and guidelines, but the fascists (the employees) at Twitter always march in lockstep with the brownshirts, and that makes Tony Allyn a target. 

If you think that sounds like a conspiracy theory, just look at how they silence everyone else they don't like: 




and countless others 

Not only am I regularly booted off the twitter platform, but I'm also shadow-banned, meaning the number of followers, is artificially controlled, and my tweets are suppressed, and I'm sure the same thing happens across the internet. 

While we're on the subject of Twitter, looking at the stock chart, I knew months ago the Elon Musk deal wouldn't go through, and now that they are suing him, for trying to back out of the deal, every shitlib in the media goes on the offensive, and the WSJ (which used to be a well respected publication) reports over the weekend, that Elon Musk may have had an affair? That doesn't sound like business news to me, but more like a smear campaign, after the Elon Musk deal is cancelled. 

Of course I saw this coming, as did many on Wall Street, and I even Tweeted  out - that the deal was dead - on the very day the deal was cancelled 

What do I mean by "Twitter is a sham company"? It's a tool, being used to control people, just as facebook, and google is... 

The Rise of Corporate-State Tyranny MAY 17, 2021

Look at the number of bots that are used to push whatever the false narrative - of the day - happens to be, whether it's BLM & George Floyd, to the latest mass murder (whenever it's committed with a gun), being used to try to take law-abiding peoples guns away. Look, once they take your guns away you'll be powerless... and that's the whole point of glorifying all these so called "mass shootings".  

I expect to be booted off the internet and permanently cancelled at some point, so being temporarily banned from Twitter is only a minor annoyance, and although I technically had to admit I was at fault in order to get my account back, I look at that as a little white lie.  

Joe Biden lied about the effectiveness of the covid vaccine and you don't see calls to banish him from twitter. Where are the "fact checkers", on this?  

Sooner or later the truth always comes out, and Twitter, and the rest of the tech tyranny, can't ban all of us.  

Thanks for reading, AA 

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