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Thursday, October 3, 2013

"Fries King" PR Stunt + "Satisfries" = Bullish Burger King

Quick update. I'm in the middle of moving, and redirecting the address to this space. I probably won't have everything up to speed until the first week in Nov., but I'll continue to leave my public charts up, and chart most opening bells. Donations are appreciated.

I figure we should use this space for longer term - individual stock trades - but for ongoing sector trades and leveraged ETF trades, you should be watching the charts, located in my public charts area, and following me on my twitter account @3Xtraders.

Now to Burger King which is making a come back. Today Burger King - in a promotional stunt USA Today - announced that they are changing their name to "Fries King", but the big news is that their new low fat fries, dubbed "Satisfries", taste good! I find myself choosing Burger King over McDonalds lately. 2 for one fish sandwich (better than McDonalds), usually draws me there, but last night I tried these new Satisfries, and they are good, yes they are.

The Chart looks tasty too. The wave 5 target is off the chart.

More hot stocks to follow, but that's all the time I have today.
Try a batch of those Satisfries for yourself!