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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Prepare for Anarchy in the U.S.A. - in progress

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I predicted the civil unrest we're seeing around the world - only a couple years ago - and I see no reason why this trend shouldn't continue into the near term future. If there are riots in Great Britain there's no reason we can't see the same thing here.

I warned of the food shortages we've already seen in some parts of the world - due to the $USD (the worlds reserve currency) devaluation, and the global drought is only going to compound the situation.

I got news for you it's already happening: 

"Food crisis looms as importers sit out grain price highs" [Reuters]

If this weren't bad enough; the deceptively named Fed (not a federal agency) continues it's reckless inflation policy, destroying the $USD, with no regard to energy or food inflation, creating a dangerous situation in which we they may actually be making things worse, by creating a  hyper inflationary depression. Think $100 bread

But lets say you don't believe any of the above can happen, or you're in denial... Do you believe WWII was the war to end all wars? It was actually WWI, which was dubbed "the war to end all wars", but then it obviously wasn't... and today China and Russia both continue to warn the U.S. over our mounting debt, with Russia going so far as to call us a "parasite on the global economy". There are also terrorist states who continue to target us, and it's only a matter of time before one of them detonates a nuclear device in a major US city, and New York seems to be their preferred target. What happens to the US economy if the financial capital of the world, New York City, is destroyed in 1 day?        

Maybe you're afraid what your family friends and neighbors will think when word gets out that you've finally lost it and become a full blown "survivalist". Just tell them, "they called Noah crazy too". The idea of survival is thousands of years old, so ignore those who cant seem to get their head wrapped around the idea... it's you're responsibility to protect yourself and who ever lives under your roof, and if you're able to lend a helping hand to anyone else God bless you!

It's hard to imagine what nationwide anarchy might look like, but I believe those who live in major cities are most at risk, if supply lines are cut off, and riots ensue. If people will burn their own neighborhoods down, because of a court ruling against a criminal like Rodney King, just imagine what will happen when basic necessities like food are cut off.

By examining what took place in the City of New Orleans, soon after Katrina knocked out supply lines, we get a glimpse of what we can expect.
  1. Even though there was a contingency plan in place, much of it was not implemented, due to many unforeseen circumstances...government just isn't that good at micromanaging disasters.
  2. Many local police either abandoned their post - to protect their own family (the smart ones) - while others barricaded themselves in the police station.
  3. Criminal gangs took control of so called "safe havens" like the Louisiana Superdome. 
  4. The criminal element also looted stores and invaded homes - some in search of weapons.
  5. Once it was finally deemed "safe enough", to send the National Guard in, the first thing they did was go home to home collecting law abiding residents firearms.
  6. Help was slow to arrive for those who decided to wait, and many died waiting...
There is a lot we can learn from the above situation, and I believe a little preparation could go a long way, although it is hard to anticipate every  unknown circumstance. I'm going to start with the obvious and continue to add to this list as I see the day approaching. If it never happens all the better, but I won't be the one who's left waiting for someone else to save my family. 

  1.  If you live in the city I think priority #1 should be to have a safe place - outside the city -  you can go to, and I do. If you don't; consider buying a cabin, or 40 acres with a trailer on it. Reconnect with your aunt Betty who lives in Bird City, Kansas. Country folk didn't fair as poorly as those in the city did during the great depression of the 1930's. 
  2. Have an emergency plan in place. In the heat of the moment, you're first instinct may be to panic, but by freeing up your thought process you may be better prepared to take care of the business at hand, and you won't leave anything important behind. Don't lose the Emergency plan! Keep it with a grab bag filled with some of the necessary items you plan to take with you.  
  3. Make sure your car is in good running order. It's fair to say gasoline will run out if people are fleeing the city, so make a habit of topping off your tank when it gets down to 1/2, so you can at least make it out of the city. Many vehicle dealers offer an optional second gas tank, and an SUV with a spare tire rack may be adapted to accept fuel containers, but use some common sense when handling gasoline, as common sense seems to be more and more in short supply these days.
FOX News Latino

 4. Cash Money. Everyone should have some emergency cash on hand and be sure email me your address with the exact location of your hiding place. But seriously, ATM's are likely to be emptied quickly, and you have more important things to do than wait in line... Avoid lines like the plague. Remember the Walmart trampling over sale prices? Are you willing to take a bullet for the last loaf of bread? It may not be a bad idea to carry some silver and/or gold coinage in case you encounter a situation in which US currency isn't accepted. 

 To be Cont...
5. Self defense
6. How to handle yourself if detained or road blocked by the police.
7. Food & water  
8. Survival kit


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