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Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Twitter X flags/ limits and blocks my account

Sent from my Galaxy:
"Why does my account have a label?

We have found that your account may contain spam or be engaging in other types of platform manipulation. You may not use X’s services in a manner intended to artificially amplify, suppress information, or engage in behavior that manipulates or disrupts people’s experience or platform manipulation defenses on X.

What does this mean for my account?

The reach of your account may be limited and its content may also be temporarily restricted, such as being excluded from trends, replies, and recommended notifications. Learn more..." 

I can't really say why my twitter account was flagged, but I did have to prove I was a human after getting locked out yesterday... this was the second time in a week. 

That's right I was also booted off of twitterX this week, but you have to expect this kind of thing during an election year.   

The irony in all this, is that I spend a great deal of time each day reporting financial trolls to twitterX @support. 

Look, I don't take too kindly to having AI programs limiting my freedom of speech, so I may just say "fuck it", and make a move to Truth Social. 

As far as the market is concerned, it continues to trade in the same range as it was, the last time I did and update on January 29th, 2024. 

The financial fake news continues to report that small caps, and even transports are leading a broad market rally, when nothing could be further from the truth. 

They also continue to report that the market is making new highs, which is technically false, but I suppose that's the plan, as we trade into the Easter break - to drive markets ever higher on light holiday volume. Dow 40k would make a good headline number.  

Take care, AA 

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