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Sunday, July 7, 2024

Twitter Sucks so bad; I'm - once again - thinking about Moving to Truth Social!

Twitter Sucks So Bad; I'm thinking about Moving to Truth Social 

You don't have to look very far into who's actually in charge of the new Twitter/ X platform; to figure out what the agenda is; political correctness in the name of "safety", over freedom of speech. 

That may sound innocent enough, until you find that words like "safety" are only code words for ever increasing political correctness that has permeated the internet.      

Elon Musk’s X has a new "safety leader", nine months after predecessor left the social media platform - ap 

 CEO Linda Yaccarino used to work for NBC, and Turner!  Source nypost 

And as if all this wasn't bad enough, even after paying for premium service on Twitter I can't seem to get any service regarding getting set up for a subscription service. Yes, I have valuable content to sell, but even after paying to get set up for a subscription service, and getting approved, not once, but twice, I'm not able to get any help, and I'm not the only one....

 30 min ago: 

Last I heard from Twitter support on June 28th: 

Hi there! We're a small team and are doing our best to review these applications in a timely manner. Once we have an update about your account, we'll reach out to you immediately. Thank you in advance for your patience! X Support Team

The final straw: A week or 2 ago - just before the first presidential debate - the algos on Twitter changed, and I began to be bombarded with content that can only be described as paid for by the Democrat party, and other content I have no interest in.  

I'm also being constantly bombarded by what can only be described as adult content.  

You'd think the AI would be smart enough to know, I'm not interested in singles ads, or internet whores, after being on the platform for nearly 15 years, but no....  

Truth Social 

To be honest Truth Social is slow. I mean it's really slow, and I only have a few followers over there,  but I think it may be better to tweet in a vacuum than be continually bombarded with crap.  

Market Update:  

I just got back from vacation last week, and seeing typical holiday trading...

Even so, I'm still able to find some profitable trades in an otherwise sideways market. 

Of course the lame stream media continues to point to new all time highs on the Nasdaq, and even the CNBC Fast Money crew had the nerve to point to new highs on the Nasdaq, on Friday. This after they chose to pump casino stocks, after calling a "bearish reversal". 

The Nasdaq, along with the rest of the hopelessly rigged tech sector can only manage to break out to new highs on very light holiday volume. 

I predicted these new highs and profited off them, so I can't complain... yet I'm irritated at the lack of credibility offered by the financial fake news. 

Most the broader market continues to be rigged higher, in order to help Joe Biden; I not only predicted this in 2023, but I've gone out of my way to explain the process... and continue to tweet on the subject:

After calling out several good trades including the major Top on Bitcoin, Silver, and Natural Gas, and more recently long trades in $SOXL, and Gold miners, I haven't received even so much as a thankyou, so I just don't see much interest by the trading community on Twitter/ X.

To give you some idea..: $BITI (the leveraged bitcoin bear) is up 25% since calling the reversal.     

Instead there seems to more interest in nonsensical tweets like the one embedded below, and the occasional 50% pop in a meme stock:   

To wrap things up

This is a horrible market to trade, in the traditional sense of the word, where traders of the $SPX have to wait 2 weeks for a 3 day rally, over a holiday.  

$SPX - breaks out to a slightly higher high, on super light holiday volume - Typical 

 I'm expecting a market correction as soon as August, or Sept, but not until small caps bounce back.  

After that I'd expect the market to rally into the election, only to be dumped on Donald Trump's watch, just as they did in 2020. 

In the meantime: If you can't find me on Twitter, you may find me on Truth Social @3XTraders 

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