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Thursday, September 29, 2022

The US Military Denies Any Involvement in the Bombing of Nord Stream II

 Picking up from yesterday:

US military says it was 'absolutely not involved' in Nord Stream pipeline leaks washintonexaminer

1st off, this pipe line doesn't just all of a sudden spring a "leak", and I'm sure the MIC (Military Industrial Complex) knows exactly who sabotaged this important piece of Russian infrastructure, BUT let's assume the above statement is technically correct. 

I suspect the US Military didn't have any direct involvement in 9/11, either, but there are probably a dozen - or so - other US agencies that could pull this type of false flag, with the help of Israel, or France, or whoever...?

I still suspect this was a pro-Nato Operation, and we have Joe Biden on tape telling us Nord Stream would "end", if Russia invaded Ukraine. At least we have some reporting on the ecological impact of yet another methane plume/ release.  

I'm a conservative, so I don't believe we should be butting our nose into every other part of the world, in a power grab for natural resources, but this is the world we live in, and trade in.    

Also picking up from yesterday: 

This may not seem important to you, but I still haven't been able to find any explanation for the flash surge, we saw on the Wilshire 5000, on Tues, but did you know there are 20 ETFs (I found though a stockcharts seach) related to this important market component. And this is the index I suspect foreigners are trading, as pension funds in Europe continue to panic. 

 The $SPX - on the other hand - is probably the most watched, and the most heavily manipulated market, second only to the NASDAQ. 

1. I did find that there is a new ETF, which trades the Wilshire, and I suspect that may have something to do with the anomalies we saw on Wed. 

Maybe they've run into some technical issues with the launch of these instruments? 

3. Perhaps this flash surge was do to a leak, that the BOE was going to do unlimited bond purchases!  

That news didn't break until yesterday 

Sound familiar? It should because it was not too long ago, the fed did the same thing, in order to prevent a market crash, from turning into a great depression, when the Covid story was finally allowed to break. This was only after many government insiders, were allowed to sell their equities first, and you can bet, the big banks were quietly buying protection. The retail investor is always the last to know!   
The Charts and the Trade 

Of course BOE intervention caused stocks to rally yesterday, but the rally was led by energy stocks. 

Are higher energy prices going to propel the global economy into the future (rhetorical)? 

Funny, I watched a little Fast Money yesterday, and they were all focused on the same old stuff, $AAPL, Target, and of all things Netflix, after Joey bag-a-doughnuts Teranova - said he pulled the trigger on it. I don't make a habit of trolling Teranova's every move, and only learned about it, after clicking on my webull, and finding the story scrolling above the $NFLX ticker. Really strange coincidence! 

If you don't have a mobile trading account, try Webull. I like it, and it get's 5 star reviews, unlike Robinhood. I've never had a problem with it! 

Sign up and we both get some fractional shares out of the deal. Use the link below, from my twitter 

It's a little soon to call a bottom, and after doing some extra charting - after yesterday's close - I didn't like where the market closed. Time will tell, but I think maybe we could retest the lows a few more times. 

Anyone who claims that they already know this is a tradeable bottom is just blowing smoke....

$SPX futures - 5 min chart -  looks weak as expected, but counts as a pullback 

Time will tell.... 


P.S. I was a little worried the old computer wasn't going to fire up this morning, and that's not good, with the $VIX still trading near 30. 

Take Care, AA 

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