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Friday, December 9, 2022

My thoughts on the recent pullback continued, reboot

 The current market looks like the movie Groundhog Day. Same thing every day, no change, unchanged.  

This morning I watched the first 30 seconds of World Wide Exchange, and host actual called this a "5 day pull back", when the $SPX didn't even end the trading day lower, and even the $NDX ended the day up 1.2%. The lame stream media must think investors are stupid! 

Here's another thing the lame stream financial fake news doesn't report. China up 3% every day 

Breaking News: $CZH China Index up nearly 100% since Oct.! 

Sure, Bloomberg will report that covid zero policy is set to change, but they don't report that China has been on, and continues to be on, an absolute tear! 

$FXI was seen making new recent highs again yesterday, and up 3% again. 

Seeing a little pullback on a slightly higher than expected high CPI number. 

Should be a pretty boring trading day. 

See you next week,



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