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Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Market Wrap-up for 2022

Before I get to the yearly wrap-up, I can tell you that stocks are still poised to rally into 2023. Most traders are bearish on 2023, and most traders are wrong, most of the time. I have plenty to follow, concerning my outlook for 2023, but until then, trust the $VIX, which is poised to collapse

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Looking Back at 2022  

I don't usually write an end of the year wrap-up, but I have several important takeaways after trading 2022: 

1. My #1 takeaway is the simple seasonality of markets. From profit taking which finally began in Jan. 2022, to the summer doldrums, to the latest Santa Rally, markets trade like clockwork!    

2022 was chosen as a year to take profits, just as I suspected it would be, as trading in 2021 drew to a close; it became very apparent that the market was simply being held up, in order to defer taxes until the following year (2022).   

$IWF - you can see clearly on the Russell (Growth ETF) chart below. Looking back to 2020-2021; tech, and even small caps, were driven to the moon, and profit taking was delayed until 2022, simply for tax reasons.  


2. There's always a rigged bull market somewhere 

Tech was chosen to be a loser. Shorted. While Energy stocks were chosen as a winner. A hiding place, if you will... 

But there's another rigged market, and that's the options market, and that's why we see so many short squeeze Friday's.  

3.  Fake News

Another thing I learned in 2022, is that 90% of whatever is being reported on any given day, is fake news, which is used to benefit the money printers, the military industrial complex, the pharmaceutical industrial complex, the climate engineers, and the social engineers. 

Just look at how upset these people are after Elon Musk bought twitter, and raised the banner of free speech, and transparency. This is not only costing the klepocrats money, but it becomes harder to manipulate the masses, when you start monkeying with their social disinformation networks!

Like it, or not; I've come to accept that the Orwellian paradox, of bread and circus, is the new normal.   

Inflation Blamed on Russia 

The end of covid lock-downs, led to a labor shortage, surging wages, and higher commodities prices, but a corrupt administration, was able to blame a proxy war (between NATO and Russia), in Ukraine, for the entire thing! 

They even convinced reporters to not call a recession a recession, in order to help the current counterfeit (illegitimate) administration. Bread and Circus! 

Supply Chain Problems 

 Remember when the west coast ports were clogged with what turned out to be excess inventory?  

The Inflation Super Cycle Debunked 

Of course much of the inflation we've seen over the past year is due to the fed, and the federal government reckless spending, and printing money out of thin air, after they over-heated the economy, on the heals of a stolen election.

Much of that money went into stocks, but a lot of it went into speculation in commodities, and we all remember the false - super-cycle - narrative. 

From a News driven perspective; from covid, to China, to the continuing negative Trump stories, to the recession that wasn't called a recession, the main stream media is a propaganda network, not worthy of calling itself a News Network. In fact my biggest takeaway from 2022, is that not only is the stock market rigged, but the economy is fake, and without endless spending, and plenty of fake news to go along with it, the entire house of cards would surely collapse, and it's certainly, only a matter of time, before it does... 

4. The Fed is totally discredited 

The Fed is totally discredited, and exposed as an political organization. 

Fed insiders were also exposed for insider trading, further proving that we are living in a kleptocracy (wiki)   

Of course these stories were buried faster than Trump's taxes!  

5. I did notice something, from a technical perspective   

Moving averages, more than any other indicators determine where markets are going. Moving averages on every timeline, and even on funds where moving averages shouldn't work - for example leveraged ETF's  - it seems that algorithmic trading programs have been programmed to trade according to moving averages... and knowing this has helped keep me on the right side of the trade.  

From the 5 min. moving average being bought in a short squeeze (on a 15 min chart), to the 50 month moving average on Apple stock, moving averages hold more weight than ever. 

Some folks think the market it trading faster than it used to... but I believe the opposite it true, due to the fact that we see the price action repeatedly stall, at nearly every moving average. 

Of course there are times when the hedge funds purposely take out one moving average, or another, in order to trigger program selling, but that's the exception to the rule, and not too predictable. 

To Wrap Up 2022 

Overall it was a pretty good trading year, although it was awfully choppy, and the constant drum beat of fake news, complete with it's fake sound effects, and woke agenda, bordered on psychological torture, at times.  

If you spent the year trying to bottom pick tech stocks, or Oil, or Natural Gas, you were wiped out, and if you missed the short-covering rallies in Chinese stocks, and elsewhere, you missed out on some big gains.  

I'd have to say that 2022 was a year that separated the men, from the boys. It was a test, that probably most traders failed, but this should be used as a learning experience.  

I'm hoping that there will be less playing wack-a-mole - looking for a decent trade - in 2023, and less talk about what The Fed might, or might not, do, and I'm very much looking forward to it! 

Take Care, 


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