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Tuesday, January 17, 2023

The Global Elites Meet in Davos

 It's that time again; when the Global Elites, and the money printers, meet in Davos.   


This year’s theme, ‘Cooperation in a Fragmented World,’ is a nod to the tectonic shift in global markets and political relationships that has occurred since the pandemic.

The annual event was once regarded as a cheerleader for globalization. Now, the global elite will meet against a backdrop of protectionism, a war that has strained political alliances and deepening ideological divides.

Rising interest rates and a cost of living crisis also threaten to divert attention to matters back home for some.

Climate change topped the WEF‘s survey of global risk and energy company executives will mix with climate activists and environment ministers at the forum. source: 

Other themes will include the cost of living, a tight labour market, natural disasters and extreme weather events, how to prevent a global recession in 2023, the resurgence of COVID infections in many countries, an energy crunch and the looming first anniversary of Russia’s war in Ukraine.

I suspect the Globalist will also be worshiping false gods, and practicing Animal sacrifice, but that's all just conspiracy.   

Bohemian Grove

Social Cohesion & the Bohemian Grove

The Power Elite at Summer Camp

Also in the News 

Bloomberg finally reported yesterday, that China has been driving the Eurozone trade... something I've been reporting on for several weeks, and went into great detail on, just last Wed. See: 

Fastest Rally, and Biggest Percentage Gain, In History

Still Getting Caught Up 

I took a little road trip last week, and still trying to get caught up...  I haven't even had time to check the $VIX, or the $SPX, but looking at the $VIX... it was obviously slammed below 20, ahead of this shortened trading week, ahead of Jan. OPEX, so that's the number to watch.  The 4000 level on the $SPX is obviously a psychological target, and probably a number that could be sold, ahead of OPEX Friday.  

Possibly Starting a Membership Site  

It's become so easy for me to time the broader market, I'm thinking about abandoning this lousy blog, in order to revive the membership website. I used to have a membership site, but I was still pretty green, and the membership software turned out to be faulty, and the rest is history.   

If I do revive the pay site: 

1. Of course, I'm going to continue to trade individual sectors, and commodities, but I could create a multi-tiered membership, for folks, who would like to do the same.  

2. In the past I've found that I end up spreading myself too thin, trying to please everyone, but I'll just have to set some boundaries. 

3. I'll try to keep membership costs low. 

Trading rooms cost between $99 - $299, but I think it's better to start out slow, and charge less. 

I figure I better try the membership thing again, or I may end up regretting NOT doing it! 

Take Care, AA 

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