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Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Best Decision I Ever Made

 A few weeks/ months ago I blogged about how I was going to start trading commodities more, and that has turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made! 

To give you some idea, I closed that trade up 25%, and by diversifying into some commodities trades, I'm up 50% in the past 3 months.   

Meanwhile: Fast Money has remained bullish energy all year 

Guy Adami didn't read my tweet on the show, but the very same day, he did own up to being totally wrong on oil drillers, yet, he still doubled down on $OIH, and that was good for a 3 day rally. 

You can catch the whole show at this link, if you're dumb enough to pay for CNBC Pro

One of the reasons Oil is falling off a cliff:  

Biden Breaks Campaign Promise in Allowing New Offshore Drilling 

I suspect another reason Oil, and Natural Gas are getting killed is due to the coming economic crisis, because copper is also falling.  

This morning, the broader market continues to trade like crap, yet Oil is falling off a cliff.

Oil futures - 1 min. chart view, as it's being reported that a decision by OPEX... may be postponed. Yeah, a lot of good these so-called "production cuts" have done for the price of oil! 

In related news, Carter Worth covered his oil short, weeks ago, once again proving he isn't the chart master, CNBC claims he is.  

You can catch that free video here: Chart Master: What's next for oil and energy stocks?

The reason Carter Worth gives for covering his oil short, is that oil was down $20. 

Word of caution: We routinely see big moves in commodities - in either direction - and that carries with it, added risk, and especially when trading on margin, or trading leveraged ETF's. 

Take care, and have a Happy Thanksgiving! 


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