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Monday, December 4, 2023

A November To Remember?


 A November To Remember


This was the false narrative I saw being pushed by the lame stream media, immediately after Friday closing bell; "A November To Remember". 

I also saw someone on Bloomberg refer to it as the "everything rally",

which is a bold faced lie.  

Anyone who is still buying the dip on China, and Energy stocks, would have to agree....


Granted this has been a nice rally, but looking back at recent history, it was really nothing to write home about. 

$NYSE - comparing the past 3 November rallies - 

Bloomberg also referred to the short sellers being "sad", which takes the cake, when most pro short sellers covered in early Nov., ahead of the Thanksgiving break. 

I later saw the fool who hosts "Balance of Power", pose the question to a scheduled guest... "how does the November rally help Joe Biden in 2024" - paraphrasing. Then it all made sense... and just as I predicted earlier in the year, stocks would rally in order to help the current administration....

How much longer can this rally last? 

Not much longer - I think - now that we see the Dow - which typically lags - catching up. 

That was another prediction... that Dow stocks would lead.... and I think we will see more of that in 2024.

I was planning to send out a newsletter telling folks  that I had gotten the 401k out of the bond fund - which I did - but I never got around to it, and since I actually went all in on the Small Cap fund - I was already invested in - I didn't see any urgency...  

I think the marker can go a little higher, as we get closer to Hanukkah, which just happens to fall on OPEX Friday. That's the date I'm watching. 

Take Care, 


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