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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Market Update 4/12/22 - Technical Tuesday 666 Natural Gas - dog-whistle - Bloomberg, and a Bullish Trade recommendation!

 Yesterday's pullback - on a Monday - came as a little bit of a surprise, but I was happy I left some short positions on over the weekend! Today, I start getting more bullish, and I'll let you know exactly where... further down the page.    

 There's nothing technical about yesterday's 6.66 target on Natural Gas, and I can't to think back to the bottom I called on the 08 crash, at 666 on the $SPX. I had no idea at the time, but I had some hedge funds watching me, and they piled in when that number finally came in. 

So, I'm watching Bloomberg around lunch time, yesterday, and they cut to the live Nat Gas chart, just as it hits the 6.66 target, and then they quickly cut away, and I could hardly believe what I was seeing. Well actually, I wasn't that surprised....  because, we know who is working behind the scenes, and who is "the prince, and the power, of the air", and I'm not talking about Jesus! See Ephesians 2:2 for more on that study. 

That 6.66 level became support after yesterday's market close, and now we see it hovering just above that number. 

NatGas target met: This is an image I saved from my Webull app. 6.66 precisely! 

Funny when I tweet that I'm going to cover my NatGas short, I get more likes than when when I call for 89 cent Natural Gas; says a lot about who the real contrarian is! 

NatGas still looks like it's trading in a broadening bottom of sorts, and the catalyst is real, or perceived climate collapse, which seems to be just around the corner.   

Also looking for a crash in Gold miners: 

Found this Elliott Wave Pattern on the Jr Miners chart just yesterday. I never really expected this index to reveal anything, or I would've found it sooner.... 

BitCoin is also collapsing in a heap, and that makes sense, since the gold bugs and the bitcoin people, seem to be in competition with each other. 

 Bitcoin taken down below the 50 day ma 

And if all that isn't enough to digest, I think I found a great trade!  

I haven't even charted it, but I recognized the pattern as an inverted H&S pattern, looking at my Webull app. And Notice how I'm not even promoting Webull here, even though I could potentially get free stocks...? I don't like adds on my blog, and don't need free stocks! If you appreciate that, then please make a donation to this website.  

3. Charting in Real Time: 

2. Drum roll please!

1. Boom!  

Forget you ever heard about the rigged $SPX index! This looks like it could be the next reddit trade! 

 $TMFX - Adding this chart to the public charts area. Resistance at the 50 day ma, around 17.20. 2. Next resistance around 19.20, but I'm looking for an easy double, for sure.

I like this fund because a million fools are about to pile into it, and that's why I'm calling it a "Reddit Trade". The fundamentals and holdings don't concern me, although I do encourage you to do your own homework.  

That pretty much does it for today, and have a happy holiday if I don't see you again before the weekend. I'm thinking about taking some time off, myself! 

Good Luck, AA 

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