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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Movie massacre psychiatrist drops the ball

Psychiatrist drops the ball, but that's not all

Although it has not been widely reported; the wild eyed, flame dyed maniac, who recently opened fire on a tightly packed movie theater in Aurora Colorado was apparently suffering from schizophrenia, and already under a doctors care. So much for the liberal idea of intervening early on!

The liberal media and even certain liberals in Congress have proven they are more interested in blaming guns, for gun violence, than looking more closely at the facts of each case, or the glamorization of violence in Hollywood. But this is as much about ratings, and campaign funding...  

To give credit where credit is due: It has been reported that Holmes psychologist Dr. Lynne Fenton had warned a university threat assessment team, that "he could be a danger..." ,but they failed to take action or even alert the FBI.

This is just the latest example of failed liberal policies. More teachers, more psychiatrist (looking for the early warning signs), more gun laws, etc, a complete and utter failure! .
Of course, nobody has stepped forward to take responsibility for this screw up, nor would I expect them to...

None seem to have any sense of duty, decency or common sense. 

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