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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Make a Commitment to Quit Smoking this Nov. 15th, 2012



Chicago, Illinois
Anthony Allyn owner of urges bipartisan support this November for the 37th annual Great American Smokeout. 

Just in time for the Great American Smokeout Nov. 15th, 2012.

"Whether you're a Tea Party member, or a member of the Occupy Wall Street movement; I think we can all agree that smoking is unhealthy." - a website devoted to providing technical analysis to day traders - calls on every American to rally behind this cause.

"As a market timer, I'm all too familiar with the stress relief smoking provides, but I'm determined to quit time. This isn't my fist time quitting, so I know for the first 2 weeks I'm going to be crawling the walls. Quitting isn't fun, but neither is paying through the nose for smokes, being restricted to smoking outside in the winter, and hacking my lungs out in the cold air, not to mention the joy a lung infection can bring..."   

Cigarette smoking causes an estimated 443,000 deaths each year, including approximately 49,400 deaths due to exposure to second hand smoke, but predictably, as the number of smokers continues to decline, as Forbes recently reported in their 2012 article, entitles, "Obesity Now Costs Americans More In HealthCare Spending Than Smoking", "...obesity in America is now adding an astounding $190 billion to the annual national healthcare price tag."

"How predictable is this! As more of us give up smoking we turn to food for comfort."

Quick fixes like tobacco, and over indulgence in alcohol and food, not only take a toll on our physical health, but on our financial, and spiritual health as well. It doesn't take an accountant to figure out that smoking is a waste of time and money, but destructive habits are a distraction from every positive pursuit in ones life, and serves as a negative influence to our children.

"Quit Smoking yes, but also make a commitment to yourself, to eat right, and pursue a more active and healthier lifestyle!"   

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