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Monday, January 28, 2019

Twitter problems continue into day 3

 Followers of this website maybe have noticed that my twitter account has been suspended? Last week, I was locked out of my twitter. 

This, locking me out of my own account was supposedly do to suspected, "automated behavior associated with this account", which never took place.

 Twitter support said that it looked like my account got caught up in their  own automated system and blocked by mistake (ironic), and that they were unlocking my account, yet 3 days later, I still CAN'T gain access...!

Maybe I've been blocked for some other reason? Anyone who speaks the truth now a days is labelled a "conspiracy theorist", and social media platforms are censoring content they don't like. Conservatives are being regularly targeted nowadays, and there's plenty of motive for twitter to want to silence yours truly.    

But getting back to the supposed technical issues: Even if the account is locked, I should at least be able to gain limited access... but the login screen keeps asking me to enter a
"phone number associated with the account", when there is no phone number associated with this account! So, I get an "unsupported phone number" error. 

I've sent then half a dozen requests for help, which automatically triggers an unhelpful automated response, with in instructions on how to "reset your password".

I'll keep trying to get a response from a live person, at twitter support, but I'm not too hopeful at this point.

In the meantime, I've been posting some updates to my LinkedIn, and you're welcome to join me there.

Maybe this is a good time to work on the YouTube channel, and start posting updates there, or maybe move to another platform entirely?  

I'll post further updates a warranted.

Take Care, AA   


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