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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Market Update 1/30/2020 Coronavirus Outbreak, Black Flags, and Tesla

We finally got the market reversal we were looking for, in the last update, and the black flag it seems every financial news network has been warning us about. I can't even count the number of times I've heard Bloomberg, or one of the other networks ask their guest if they "see any false flags on the horizon"? It's almost as if they knew the Coronavirus outbreak was coming, and I can see why some scientists think we're living in a computer program.

I don't have time to piece together conspiracies this morning, but this, from several reputable sources: Experts warned China in 2017 that a virus could "escape", from one of  their bio-weapons labs in 

The real reasons I wanted to blog this morning are:

1. I've taken down most the charts, from the public charts area, and stopped publishing $VIX targets there.

a. I bit off more than I could chew trying to cover every sector, and keep those charts updated.

b. It just became more work than it's worth - lack of donations to this website. People just aren't willing to help the cause, so why should I stress myself out?

c. It's impossible to keep a handle on this kind of volatility, and track Energy, and such.

I did leave 2 short term $SPX charts in the public charts area, and added a Silver chart yesterday, but the big move in silver was the sell-off I called in my twitter feed, the day before, and I have no interest in Silver, other than for a trade. I'll probably reorganize the public charts, or throw a china chart up, when that trade comes into play?

2. I've quite posting alerts to the Public charts. If want alerts you'll have to watch my twitter, and you'll probably want to check out the actual page, because I don't believe the alerts, and charts are always seen, and especially if you follow a lot of people there. I think twitter must throttle your personal twitter feed, or else you would be overrun with too many tweets in your page view. I'm really not sure why it is, I'm not getting much response on twitter, when I'm right, 90% of the time.
I've been there 10 years, and only have 2300 or so follows, most of whom don't even trade? That's also becoming a waste of time, but that's where you can find me for the time being. 

Are you getting my alerts? Let me know.

I even told folks to sell The Fed announcement. Perfect!

Go back an look at my daily calls going back several weeks, and you'll find I've been right on Energy, Oil, SPX, $VIX, the recent top, the rally off support on Tuesday, and even the bearish reversal we saw overnight, last night! Consistency is everything.

I'm out of time, and the opening bell just rang. Expect the market to hold up above the low we saw earlier in the week. It's important to the market manipulators that the market close Jan. with a gain, and I've never seen the $VIX close at new recent highs on the last trading day of the month.

Probably see another rally, next week, before the bottom falls out again, and it's still too early to say if this a correction, or a new bear market.

Later, AA

P.S. Tesla looks like it's topping out. Res looks like 660 - 670. The news has been priced in. I'd sell calls months out. August?

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