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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Market Update Memorial Day Weekend - Taking Another look at last weeks Monster Rally

 Another look at last weeks Monster Rally  

The setup: 

In the linked video you'll find Fox News reject, Shepard Smith, setting the bear trap, with some fake news, on May, 20th, which just happened to be May Options Expiration. Notice the "markets in turmoil" headline, and the bear market theme. There's no other reason I can think of to run a story like this, unless you're intent on stealing investors money, because they could just as easily report the truth. 

And I'm not the only one who sees what looks like an attempted fraud being perpetrated against an uninformed public. 


CNBC fails to mention a lot of things, such as the fact that every Options Expiration Day is rigged. In fact I've seen them go out of their way to try to debunk the idea.... but anyone who's been paying any attention knows Options dates, and light volume trading holidays, are prime time for market manipulation. Knowing this, helped me call last weeks bottom in tech stocks, more than 2 weeks ago!  

$TARK - Notice how the lying financial fake news stopped showing $RKK chart? Think they don't know it's been trending up for over 2 weeks?  

"Look here, not there", as we continue to report from Davos! 

Back to the Energy Trade: 

Energy stocks close at all time highs - on yet another weekly OPEX, and contract expiration. 

$Oil service stocks - coincidence? 

The Leveraged Energy Bear $ERY makes a new all time low 

Oil - same thing -New recent highs! 

Natural Gas trading at new 13 year highs! 

I thought maybe we had seen the top in NatGas, but the trend remains, and if is continues, on light holiday volume - next week - the next target is $10. Coincidence? 

$Oil on the other hand looks like it wants to consolidate lower, going into the fall.  

Go back and look at where energy has spiked.  

$SHEL being pumped...

Of course the short sellers in the tech space got squeezed, and when Jon Najarian came on CNBC Friday, it looked like he was going to start crying! lol  

Many so called pros, and money managers were completely blindsided by last weeks rally, because they have no technical skill, and these bozos will be looking for a new line of work soon, if they're caught fighting the trend in a bull market.  

When all is said and done, this sell-off into May Opex, looked just like the covid sell-off. Break the charts, try to shake the weak hands by making another lower low, and then when Options Expiration is over, just buy your positions back. It's such a game... and too much waiting around for these OPEX dates, and holidays. 

Without revealing any critical targets; this is what the past 2 months looks like in the Vanguard FTSE Europe ETF.  

$VGK This is what the longest weekly sell-off since 2001 looks like on a monthly chart. A big nothing burger!   


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