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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

3 Bullish Hammers on the Dow, Nasdaq. The bullish $USD, plus AI Investing - in Big Tech & Semiconductors

 3 Bullish Hammers 


$INDU Dow chart, being aggressively bought at the 50 day moving average.  3 Bullish Hammers in a row. Could be the AI, could be the smart money... or both. 

Of course the broader market continues to look weak, but every dip continues to be bought. 

Short Term Chart

$NDX - 60 min. chart view - trades into what looks like a continuation pattern. 

I chart everything, so I see everything, and I see retail traders trying to sell the top of this pattern. 

Bearish News 

The lame stream media continues to release bearish statements from Janet Yellen. This time she claims that we could run out of money, as soon as June 1st. This BS statement just happens to coincide with the next meeting between the Whitehouse, and the Republican leadership. 

Wall Street investors are being played for fools. 

We've seen these budget battles play out a million times before, and they always end the same way. 

The $USD 

 The $USD looks very bullish to me, but I'm uncertain how the market is going to react to a strong dollar. For instance the British Pound, or even gold?  

$USD/$GBP - seen rallying off the lower end of the range 

The USD is also trading in the bottom of the same range it's been trading in all year, right around the psychologically attractive 100 level. 

For an interesting study: Chart the $USD  going back 8 years, and find where resistance was, in 2015. 

Regardless of what you think about the $USD, and the market; the $VIX remains low, and that means less volatility is expected, and that means no fear.  

If you're still bearish, I'd be watching the $SOX as it retests the 50 day ma; while simultaneously CNBC  pumps the AI story. Think this wasn't engineered? 

So, as it turns out there is good trading, if you know where to look, and you can tune out gloomberg. 

Here is what’s working and what’s not working — and a few A.I. stocks to consider cnbc

Take Care, AA 

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