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Monday, May 22, 2023

Will the Republicans be made the scapegoat for a market crash?

 Will the Republicans be made the scapegoat for a market crash? 

All indicators point to that: 

Friday we saw the $VIX spike on a report that negotiations over the debt ceiling were not going well, just as I predicted... on Thursday. 


Quoting myself from that update: 

Keep a close eye on the $VIX tomorrow (Friday), and over the next couple weeks, because there's a good chance that we're going to see volatility return, when that debt deal turns sour.  
Like I said in my last Newsletter, "Seeing Is Believing". 

Politico on Friday

It's pretty obvious who is being portrayed as the one escalating the "attacks...", by the photo. 

Of course, so-called, MAGA republicans are also prime cannon fodder for this conflict.   

Last Week none other than CNBC provided the platform for this (false) political narrative to be formed.


From that interview:

JEFFRIES: First of all, I've not heard anyone suggest that we don't negotiate with terrorists. I don't view my GOP colleagues– I certainly don't view the Speaker as a terrorist.

KERNEN: We hear the old MAGA trope rolled out the ultra MAGA trope. So I've heard other Democrats say we won't negotiate with terrorists.

JEFFRIES: First of all, first of all, extreme MAGA Republicans is not a trope. Donald Trump has made clear–

Now you've heard it for yourself: The Democratic leadership is calling Trump supporters extremists, and terrorists, while at the same time demonizing Donald Trump, in order to hurt his chances in the upcoming election, and I believe this is only the beginning! 

But wait there's more: 

There seems to be a coordinated effort employing every major news network! 

From yet another NBC affiliate - MSNBC 

CNN, and all the Sunday shows were all on the same page, complete with more staged Janet Yellen interviews, and even renewed calls for a market correction of 20%, if the Dems demands aren't met, within a week, of the June 1st deadline.


Stocks and bonds would crash 'violently' in a debt crisis - even if the US avoids immediate default, former NY Fed president says marketsnsider 

Trending on Twitter (hashtag) #ScumMedia:

I'm happy to see that at least some people are waking up to the fact that most of what is reported is in fact political propaganda, and lies. 
1O+ likes, mostly from folks I have nothing in common with, other than the fact that they realize as well as I do, that we're living in a matrix. 

As far as the Stock Market goes

I've proven over the past several months/ years that it's not that difficult to predict what comes next; from the excess money printing we saw in 2020, which led to new all time market highs, to the false breakout in Stocks, Oil, which led to the profit taking we saw in 2022.  

The Trade: 

I spent a good deal of time updating the charts over the weekend, in preparation for what comes next, and if you've helped donate to the cause over the past several months, I'm happy to share those targets, and timelines, with you.  However, If you have decided to not support this website, then I'm afraid you're SOL. 

Take Care, 


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