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Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Rigged Markets Continue into today's FOMC announcement

 Market continues to be held up on light holiday volume, as expected. 

Of course, the most heavily manipulated stocks - as I pointed out yesterday - are high fliers such as - 

Broadcom $AVGO -


One of the reasons Broadcom is driven higher, is because it's a Top 10 $QQQ holding.    

$QQQ - This one is key... as I pointed out earlier in the year. 

Note the rally started all the way back in Oct 2022. 

I predicted earlier in the year that the powers that be would run stocks up into the end of the year, in order to avoid higher capital gains tax, and here we are. 

Broad Market Rally? 

Markets are rigged one sector at a time, and one sector that most folks don't even look at - let alone trade - is consumer cyclicals. 

The chart embedded in yesterday's tweet is a tell: 

Another thing I noticed yesterday is that while the $SPX was up .46% on a breakout to new recent highs, the $NYSE was barely up.

$SPX - rigged 

$NYSE - not rigged 

Another thing to note is this morning's (psychological) round number targets being taken out in pre-market! 

$SPX 4,700 

$DJIA 37,000

Speaking of rigged futures markets

I think most traders are unaware that the $SPX futures were driven above the 5000 target, in 2021!

It's all about the rigged futures, and options markets.   

$SML - S&P Small Caps - takes out my target 


I moved the 401k 100% out of #stocks at today's closing bell. I ain't playing chicken with this runaway freight train. Gains are all locked in for the year #ChaChing!

— Veteran Market Timer (@3Xtraders) December 12, 2023

Of course it can go a little higher, but I got a bad case of weak hands; not knowing what Jerome Powell is going to say today.  

The headlines 

As predicted the powers that be continue to try to help Joe Biden.... 

I believe this will all blow up in their faces in 2024, and I can't wait..! 

The $VIX 

I think the bulls can hammer the $VIX below their 11.50 target on today's Fed release, but I'm not taking any chances, as we trade into Dec. Options Expiration. 

Take care,



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