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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

HPQ Hewlett-Packard Co. is a screaming buy

At 19.11 HPQ (Hewlett-Packard Co.) is a screaming buy  

As I blogged earlier this year: I'm not happy with the new rules at, obviously written by folks who never had to work their nuts off to achieve "hall of fame" status, under the old rules, or as they refer to it now - when you hover over my greyed out badge - "previous" hall of fame author". That's a slap in the face of every hard working chartist who legitimately earned that Hall of Fame (author) title - in v1 - and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth! 

But that isn't enough - we also have handy tips: 
7. States: "Don't put a website link in your list's name or abstract.  That is a clear signal to everyone that your list is primarily for self-promotion."

Of course I'm there for self promotion! well, and to prove that I'm the baddest MFer in stock land! LOL
Look, I am & elliottwavehound Inc. and promoting that is my Business!      

8. States:  "Notice what other high-ranking lists are doing and emulate them."
 I took a good look at the top of the list, and no...
I'm here to raise the bar, not tell folks what they want to hear, not to be the most popular bull among the herd. In fact I'm a long term Bear, and that alone makes me unpopular. If I didn't think my charts are the best on the internet I wouldn't even show them.  

This ain't a hobby for me, it's a matter of life and death, and my most valuable charts remain hidden from a general public, because of a major security breach, and financial setback suffered earlier this year, when a large part of my original audience thought it would be alright to continue to sneak onto the website without paying - due to a glitch in the system - some for as long as a year, and you know what? It wasn't my foreign clients, or blacks or Mexicans, it was average middle class white folk stealing my work, and now yours truly is left paying the tab! I'm not only out lost wages, but I had to rebuild computer #1! Well F%$^ me! ...and then to top it off I run a "free 1 month" promo, only to find some insurance salesman out east has signed up for a second free month, using an alternate email address. Judging by the voice I got on his answering machine, this dufus would never have the balls to try this shit in person - and I told him as much - but when folks get on the internet they feel somehow removed from the situation. Forgiveness is difficult... but karma is a bitch!

So I have trust issues, but a little distrust can be a healthy thing.

Regardless I'm back on hoping to pick up some new members, as well as to provide some free charts to the general public, whether they appreciate it or not. 

If you do sign up for's paid subscription service please enter my user ID (email address) into the box at the bottom of the "Terms of Service" page, so at least I can get some free charting. 

Updated 11/20/2012: Buy this panic washout in wave 5.
For disclosure I have no position in HPQ, and won't be trading it in 2012. 

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