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Monday, July 2, 2012

Thomson Reuters MetaStock Review

My review Equis International (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Thomson Reuters) Metastock Pro Software.

In 2011 I purchases a license to try Equis MetaStock Pro charting software for 1 month for approximately $350, which included the separate purchase of real time data, if memory serves (included "2 additional free months" as they put it), rather than purchase the software outright  for $1395.00, and I'm thankful I did, because once I had provided the sales person with my bank information, and notified them that I had no use for their product it was clear I would never see my money again, and I was told as much by their sales representative. 

As most of the followers of this blog, and the first 100 members to sign up to the website know; I had been searching for charting software that could be embedded into the members page, so that I could chart in real time while my members watch - just as I used to do publicly on - and I was assured by the sales person that this would not be a problem, but it didn't take very long to discover that Metastock is a program you install on your computer, not on a web page. I knew then I had been duped.

If the Metastock Pro program wasn't such a system hog I might have tried streaming my desktop to an internet conference room - at additional cost - but after having giving away 100 free trial memberships it just wasn't in the budget, and I had too much on my plate at the time to take my chances on yet 1 more program.  

Within the 30 day trial subscription I removed the software from my computer, and cancelled their service, but my pleas for a refund were totally ignored, by the sales manager, Equis, and even Thompson Reuters. 

I later found that pieces of the metastock program were left behind on my hard drive - after the uninstall - and to add insult to injury - upon using a cleanup program to remove all traces of metastock Pro from my system, I was required to reformat my machine.

1. Metastock has a lot of bells and whistles, probably more than any serious technical analyst needs, but the price can't be justified unless this program comes bundled with a 5 day all inclusive trip to the Bahamas! 

2. Integrity is the most important thing I found missing from MetaStock software. A no return policy is one thing; misrepresenting your product is another.  

I recently discovered provides free realtime charts that can be embedded into your website or blog - these can be viewed on our Free Forex Technical Charts Page - while charts continue to fill most my charting needs. 

Disclosure: I receive no reimbursement of other benefit by promoting charts, but if you mention my account '' as a referral - at signup - I would appreciate any additional months of free charting...  

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