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Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Is Oil really going to "remain high for years to come"?

 This is what I'm hearing the idiot, hosts, on Bloomberg repeat, on a daily basis, and I have to ask myself, "what do these talking heads know about the direction of oil"? 

 Then it finally occurs to me this morning, that what they're really doing is pushing "the green new deal", because if the price of Oil remains high, then that makes green look more affordable, right? Of course...! 

Another thing the lame stream media @ Bloomberg is obsessed with is the Elon Musk twitter deal not going through, and my chart has told me from the beginning, that this deal was never going to happen, in the first place. The deep state doesn't want free speech in social media, since limiting free speech though the use of new technology is one of their greatest weapons!

If you're been following me for any length of time, you've seen the twitter chart.  Yet, another, in a long list of pump n dump stocks. 


 As far as the broader market, it continues to trade like crap, and as I tweeted yesterday, this could continue for some time.  

Today is technical Tuesday, so maybe we see the market pull back, but we may have to wait for an august swoon, or the fed, or some other manufactured news story... 

Energy continues to hold up, so certain former penny stocks can continue to make new recent highs 

$AMPY - trades in line with Energy. Classic pump n dump 

Add that one to the death-watch list 

Natural Gas continues to retest the recent highs 

Seeing a right shoulder developing at the $9.40 on the live futures chart  

It seems like traders, more and more - whenever possible - like to take out the previous high, before dumping their long positions. See the Twitter chart, above. New high, followed by a crash.  

I tweeted last week, that I thought the natgas bulls were continuing to beat a dead horse, after their target - at the top of the triangle fell short, and I think that's exactly what's going on.  

$UNG - shows where the target - at the top of the triangle fell short

Once the top is confirmed, and you see NatGas crashing, don't expect me to continue covering it!  I like to lay low, once a top. or bottom - for that matter - comes in, just as I did after the reversal in gold miners, all the way back in April. 

$GDX - top predicted in April - gold bugs and hedge funds called out! 


There's that right shoulder on NatGas being sold! 

That's about it for today, and I plan to reveal more pump n dump schemes in the future

Wheat for instance - pumped - to a new high - and dumped. 

Later, AA 

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