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Thursday, June 9, 2022

Market Update June 9th, 2022 - Flash Crash In NatGas, Is Oil Next?

Flash Crash In NatGas, Is Oil Next? 

Off topic: I had no problem booting up the ol' computer this morning, and that reduces my stress level Fingers crossed, until I finally break down, and pay through the nose, for a next generation platform. 

AMD talks next-gen Zen 4 CPUs, Ryzen 7000, Socket AM5, and more

On Topic: 

First - To answer the clickbait question I pose in the this mornings title, because I knew this would cause some excitement in the FinTwit community No, and no.... 

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the trend on Natural Gas remains very much up!  

While I'm happy to see the manipulators of Energy finally get hosed, and lose all the gains of the past week; and especially when they gapped it up on a Monday, and then went so far as to raise (rig) yesterday's opening bid on $UNG, just above the previous high; But at the end of the day this just looks like a gap fill, and the trolls - being paid by hedge funds to dispute that sound technical analysis @ #NatGas (hashtag/ topic) - on twitter - confirm it! 

Here I am calling them out... and they don't like that! lol 

I used to get upset at the trolls, but now I just use them as contrarian indicators, or at least as an indicator of who's really behind these types of events.   

Yes, it was a significant move, even for NatGas, but when you see these trolls. posting 5 minute charts... in order to make this 7% move, seem way bigger than it is that's a tell tale sign, that there are sharks in the water. How do I know this for a fact? Because you never see these people posting NatGas charts any other time! They aren't technicians, they're trolls. 

$UNG - 5 min view - tells you absolutely nothing, but looks scary to most retail traders. This is the whole point... to shake you out, and keep you shaken out until weekly options expire (tomorrow). 

Freeport LNG plant blast adds to strain on global supplies reuters

I usually trust Reuters, but I'm looking forward to finding out the details about this so called explosion? No calling this a "false flag", or anything, but since all the controllers, and the money printers, do is lie to the public, all news is suspect.   

Of course CNBC World Wide Exchange didn't even report the mini-crash  in Natural Gas - at least at the open, which is all I watch, is the first 20 seconds, before deleting that worthless show - instead they chose to report that "Oil", and Energy, and more specifically, "Natural Gas", are going "higher", and that "tech continues to sell-off". Totally fabricated news, designed to steal your money! I mean, Natural Gas breaks support, and crashes 7 percent in 5 minutes, on the heaviest selling volume we've seen in months, and you don't even report the story. What are investors to believe? 

Of course higher energy prices are designed to help sell more electric vehicles, and a new green power grid, and the corporations who are behind this green scam, are on the same page as the criminals posing as our elected officials in Washington DC, are....  

I'm amazed... I shouldn't be amazed that the lame stream media chooses to report fiction over fact, but they have a job to do, and that's to help keep energy prices high, in order to push the "Green New Deal".   

 Let's go to the charts, because at the end of the day, you really can't even trust this story coming out of Freeport, anymore than you can trust that a few bad apples drawn to the capital on Jan. 6th, qualifies as an "insurrection", or that planes flown into sky scrapers, qualifies as a modern day Pearl Harbor.        

I'm not going to reveal the LT trend on Natural Gas, but I can tell you that short term support on NatGas looks like 26.50 on the $UNG. 


If you need more NatGas targets, I got 'em. "I'm willing to cover NatGas for entire month for $300, if you're interested; simply use the PayPal link in the side menu and IM me. 

As far as the rest of the market, I did throw out a free $VIX chart ahead of yesterday's close, and I even told you where the $VIX was sold last week. Anyone who's still bearish at this point, simply hasn't been paying attention, or still believes the market moves based on reality.  

As long as the $VIX continues to be manipulated, you remain bullish

I've run out of time! 

Take Care, and good luck next week AA 

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