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Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Market Update FOMC Wed. July, 26th, 2023 - Wall Street's top bear - Morgan Stanley's Mike Wilson - admits 'we were wrong'

Funny, most every other news outlet fails to report the second part of that headline, where Mike Wilson refuses to throw in the towel. That's called, "lying by omission". 

More media deception; as the leftist lockstep news media continues to call the vaccination complications a "conspiracy". 

I even caught one of the bozos on Fast Money still pushing this insane pro-experimental vax theory last night. I turned the show off, and responded this morning in a tweet. 

But wait there's more! 

Bronny James cardiac arrest – latest: LeBron thanks son’s doctors as Elon Musk pushes anti-vax conspiracy
That's a good example of parroting what was stated on CNBC's Fast Money last night, while gas lighting the general public. 

Is it any wonder the twitter community regularly calls out the lying "scum media"?  

But wait there's more! 

The leftist lockstep media continues to ramp up their false reporting on the state of the climate, while ignoring the elephant in the room, climate geoengineering.   
Related: Europe’s “48°C Horror That Never Was”…ESA, Media Sharply Criticized For Manipulative Reporting 

I'm not denying that the climate is indeed collapsing, but the lame stream media is pushing a political agenda, and to win over more converts into their climate cult.   

End Rant 

Getting to today's market update, and the charts 

No doubt the Fed is once again going to give Wall Street what it wants today, clarity.  

The thing to watch is for a washout on the $VIX to a new recent low, where the powers that be will no doubt be loading up on longer term Put options.

I can't predict if that will happen today, or if it will be delayed, but  I have downside $VIX targets already lined up and ready to go, and I'll be happy to share that information, and much more, for a $99 donation to my paypal - linked in the side menu. 

Speaking of the $VIX - be sure to catch yesterday's update, in which I identify the latest historic move on the $VIX. 

I remain bearish, and even more so than I was a few weeks ago, when I warned subscribers to my weekly newsletter that, "the market is looking awfully toppy", and now that the Dow has taken out my upside target, It's looking even worse. 

I believe we could easily be looking at a 5000 point correction, after the silliness we just witnessed over the summer. 

Take Care, 


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