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Friday, December 2, 2016

Top 12 Reasons The Trump Rally Isn't a Trump Rally

Top 12 Reasons The Trump Rally Isn't a Trump Rally 

  1. Stocks actually crashed the night of the election. From there what we saw is called a "short squeeze", in the bidness.   
  2. Trump isn't president yet. He's technically not even, "president elect", until the electoral college renders their decision later this month. 
  3. The market was already rallying, before election night. This is just a continuation of the rally, which started when Bush bailed out the Wall st banks, and continues as Obama, and the GOP, spend, spend, spend... Don't let republicans tell you that Obama drove the debt... 
  4. Treasury markets had been selling off long before election night. That money had to go somewhere - equities, gold, bank stocks, etc.
  5. Short-covering into the Thanksgiving holiday (typical).    
  6. Informed investors know the Dow is not representative of broader market. The New York Stock Exchange isn't trading at all time highs.
  7.  Higher Oil prices have helped lift the market, thanks to OPEC. 
  8.  Wall Street bonuses must be paid, so drive stocks into the end of the year. "Greed is good"
  9. The #1 reason stocks rallied is because uncertainty was removed on election night - regardless of who won... 
  10. Dec is a big window dressing month, so we're seeing a re allocation of funds.... 
  11. Stocks typically rally in a election year. You could call this the, "election rally", but it has nothing to do with Trump. If Hillary has won, we probably would've seen a broader  market rally. Wall Street hates Trump, believe me! 
  12. Taxes. Fund managers want to wait until 2017 to take gains. 
Wall Street does not represent Main St., and "New All-time Highs", is where major tops are usually found - not rallies. Don't trust the media hype.
I wish I could credit Donald Trump with the market performance as of late, but nobody had been a greater friend to Wall Street than Barrack Obama, and the republican congress. You already see the MSM setting setting Trump for failure; questioning every move he makes. I expect market turmoil under Trump, not that he can be blamed for the market bubble we find ourselves in. He's spoken openly about this, on more than one occasion. Trump is no more responsible for this rally, than he is for the coming crash.

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