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Monday, December 5, 2016

US v China - Currency War?

Not only did the $USD recently take out my target at the top of the broadening triangle pattern seen below...

But I'm talking about the BIG reversal of the USD/YUAN!

For disclosure I have NO position in any currency trades, and don't expect to... for the foreseeable future.  

Are the Chinese going to trash the $USD?

We know China holds a considerable amount of US debt, and we see Trump standing up to China, but to me, it's not so much that Trump took a call from the leader of Taiwan, but the media circus surrounding this whole event. It looks planned. Here's the stock photo of her talking into her speaker phone, courtesy of the dishonest Main Stream Media.

I even saw one of the talking heads on one of the major news networks explaining that we must not offend China, because they hold a large amount of our debt. I call this, "national media hype", and a signal of whatever the globalists are planning. I believe they plan to trash everything Trump says, and does, and use it as an excuse to sabotage the US election, and the global economy. This includes US markets, which I expect will get trashed next year, and beyond, as the powers that be, make a scapegoat out of the Trump presidency, and there's still the possibility that the election is stolen, in a revolt of the Electoral College...

Speaking of the broader market (and oil); both higher on this first Monday of the new month. It was an easy call.

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Good Luck, AA

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