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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Website Maintenance, and Equipment upgrade

Website Maintenance, and Equipment update get's a face lift  

When you click on this website, you'll notice I updated the background (header) to blue, with (chart) candlesticks. Also changed the text (& links), to red, to match the 3X logo. Looks pretty snazzy, right?

And an Equipment upgrade: 

Computer is running stable, so maybe I don't have to replace the motherboard, after all, but I have one on hand just in case. Picked this up Sunday evening, as planned in the previous blog.

I also picked up a bunch of new high performance case fans. Completed installing these on Monday. Lot's of dust, and managed to cut my finger pretty good. "It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it". Spent most of Tuesday afternoon gaming. Computer is running cool and quite.

7 fans in this 70 lb. Super Tower: 

5 fans blow cool filtered in the front, and sides, and 3 exhaust the heat out the top, and the back. 

The Beast

I've also been running some diagnostics: 

I found my on board LAN chip was working yesterday, so I removed the PCI LAN card, and everything thing was working fine.

 This morning wed. I noticed my router acting funny, and when I powered up I found I had no internet. Well, now I know the LAN chip on this board is dead, and what was causing the router resets for what seemed like a year or longer.

Once I reinstall the PCI card, and got everything back together again, I found I had no power, because I had inadvertently unplugged the power switch relay. Doh!    

Of course there's no way to get your fingers underneath the PCI card, even if you could see what you're doing, so that card had to come out again. I also needed the manual to determine which pin was for the power switch. Luckily I didn't have to search vary far for it. 

All that was left to do now was disable the on-board LAN in BIOS, and then put the case all back together for a second time.

Finished up at 7:35 AM, with plenty of time to get settled before the opening bell. 

Case closed - for now anyhow. 

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