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Monday, July 15, 2019

Market Update 7/15/2018 & The Return Of Live Charting @

Exiting News: I'm publishing some of my charts in the public charts area, at, including the short term (1 min) S&P 500 chart. Here's a link to the Public Charts area:

This was my claim to fame - charting it in real time! Stockcharts has changed the rules, so I longer have, "Hall of  Fame" status there, but it would be nice to get it back. Don't forget to vote, daily! 

The Public charts area will be refreshed on a regular basis intra-day, so not only do you NOT need to pay for charting software... but I'm going to do all the work for you!  

I'll be switching up the public charts as needed: When the 1 min chart quits working, I'll replace it. When the short terms charts break, we'll go to the 30 min chart, and so on. If one sector looks like a better trade, than another, I'll include those charts, and I'll be adding charts as time goes on, so check back on a daily basis, and vote often!   For now we're watching Oil, Natural Gas, and the S&P. If you require a certain sector chart, comment here, or in the public charts area, and I'll try to accommodate you.

To Review Friday's Action:

We almost took out my 2015 target on Friday. If it breaks above there Monday morning, that becomes the st stop.

I'm seeing serious resistance around 3035 - 3050, on the longer term chart, also available in the public charts area.

Wish I had more time this morning, but I have a lot of charting to do.

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