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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Market Update 7/17 - Publc Charts Area Accidentally Deleted

Yesterday, I accidentally deleted the public charts folder, and I'm still trying to get back up to speed.

This occurred around noon EST, when I returned to update the charts - 30 min. after (3009) support on the 1 minute chart broke - only to find the auto-refresh feature not working, and when I went to delete the broken 1 min chart, I must have hit the wrong delete button. Doh!    

If I had access to my Twitter account I would've put an alert out, but I'm still locked out... at least I had a down arrow on the chart, at the open, so no harm no foul.

1. To solve the auto- refresh problem I'm looking fort an app that will refresh the public charts window, when I'm away from my trading desk. I found an addon for FireFox, but it installed a bunch of junk with it, so then I wasted 20 min. trying to remove it.   

2. I'm not sure if the updated 1 min $SPX chart is working, but that should become obvious soon after this mornings opening bell.

There's obvious support at the 3000 level at my pink support line.


The sell was on a Trump Tweet, and led by Oil, so I think quant trading programs are to blame....
"Trump, tweet, china, increase, tariffs". The AI ain't too bright; this is old news. Where was the selling last week, when China was reported to have broken their end of the deal again? Why isn't China selling off on their lousy growth numbers?    

I checked the oil charts this morning and although the 50 day ma on BRENT was taken out, we see oil bouncing back this morning. That's something to keep an eye on.

Another thing to keep an eye on is Silver. Several websites - the usual suspects (motley fool and the rest...) - can be found on the web (news), pumping the Silver trade, calling it a "BREAKOUT"? Doesn't look like a breakout to me, but yesterday's buying volume was pretty incredible!

 Regardless of the volume, what I'm seeing is a rejection of the previous trend. The bullish channel is broken, and all it did was retest the lower end of it.  

I'm totally out of time.
Good luck today, AA 

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