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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Market Update 12/4/2019 $SPX 3100

I wake up at 3 AM this morning, and I decide to check futures, and there they are breaking out, above the magic 3100 level. Not much of a surprise, as the $DAX has already crawled back above the 13k level. $DAX up = US futures up, for the past - almost - 12 months.

We saw the #VIX hammered right at resistance, and you won't see panic selling, until it breaks out again. Don't hold your breath.

Another way they manipulate markets higher, is by hammering the leveraged bear funds.
$SOXS to get hammered back down at the open. 

The FakeNews is obsessed with everything Trump, and even Lou Dobbs reported, last night, that the market fell on Trump's negative China comments. Of course the machines are trading those headlines, and this is all being coordinated. It's no surprise CNBC comes on at 4 AM, on the east coast to push the Bullish Trump Trade headline, which triggers the Quant Trading programs. Market Futures Manipulation complete!  After watching this 10+ years, I suspect the Powers that be have been rigging markets for 70 years, so it's no wonder the banks never face criminal charges, for their racketeering.

The Charts: 
I've been updating the public charts area this morning, and added this $TSX chart, just as Bloomberg was seen reporting, "The Market Whipsaw" continues.

TSX - ride the whipsaw. Wave 5 can fall short, or throw-over, and will probably take at least a couple days to complete.

$APPL - took out my revised downside target - at the lower purple line - at the open. Until they sell Apple, there's isn't a correction, and the banksters at $JPM just raised the target. 

DOW - The LT Dow Chart I published yesterday, pulled back to my pink support line. 50 day ma is trading just below it, but will probably be taken out if support breaks.

I have a lot of charting to do. Watch for alerts in my twitter feed, and more importantly the support levels, $VIX levels, and the public charts. 

Later, AA

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