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Thursday, November 18, 2021

Market Update - 11/18/21 - NVIDEA News Dump Used to Help Lift Markets

Some will claim, that NVIDIA's earnings were better than expected, and that's "helping to lift the stock", and the entire semiconductor space, but this news has been priced in for months - since early October, to be precise. 

$NVDA - Earnings has been priced-in since Oct. Positive earnings news is released, one day before Nov. OPEX, in order to hold the stock, and the entire semiconductor space up.... 

The level of manipulation in the Options Market should be obvious to anyone who's paying attention to the Options Expiration Dates, yet CNBC goes so far as to have guests on who claim options markets actually follow the stock action; even when Jon Najarian uses unusual options activity to predict market outcomes, and advises others to do the same, because he knows this method works. The big money knows what is coming weeks/months, in advance. 

There's really no way to know for sure if Options are bought (at light speed), by quant trading programs, BEFORE a stock is run up, or beaten down (in a bear market)... so you really gotta wonder what CNBC's motivation is for trying to debunk the idea that markets are being manipulated, on a monthly basis, and it only confirms in my mind, that they are not to be trusted. 

CNBC would probably try to explain away the fact that the Covid crash started the Monday, after 1 OPEX, and concluded exactly 1 month later on the next one. 

As far as the market action this morning: 

Looks like I got it right again, as $VIX tested resistance yesterday, and knowing the market is manipulated going into every OPEX, and ahead of every holiday. Low volume, and volatility, is prime time for market manipulation, and short squeezes - another type of market manipulation that CNBC constantly promotes. In fact they have some guy on twitter who does nothing but pump heavily shorted stocks, every day.  

$VIX - 10 min chart - located in the public charts area. It's not too difficult to imagine what's going to happen as we trade into another Black Friday, next week.   

I'm a little concerned that we're about to see a cyprus style financial collapse, looking at some of the financial charts, and the continued warnings from Janet Yellen. The libs want a collapse, so they can take everything over. I don't really have time to get into that topic, but I would try to make a cash withdrawal, before there's a run on the banks, or worse, a banking holiday. 

In related news: 

European Court dismisses compensation claim in Cyprus 2013 deposit-grab (reuters)

Yesterday I pointed to what looks like a broadening top pattern on the $DAX, and I'm seeing the same thing on the $NYSE. 

$NYSE - This looks like a broadening top pattern. I wouldn't be long anything for more than a day. 

Take Care, AA 


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