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Friday, February 11, 2022

Market Update 2/11/2022 - The Perfect Pullback Ahead Of VD Day

 Looking at yesterday's pullback: 

Just after yesterday's update, I called several tops, and sold - among other things $SOX at resistance. 

$SOXS was up 6% last I checked. Not a bad day trade  

 It looked like this on the $SPX  - 

That's the chart from the public charts area, and you see resistance on the VIX on the #1 chart there.

We did see another little shakeout in futures overnight, but that doesn't count. 

Of course the lame stream media is blaming "inflation", for the pullback, and Bloomberg brings Mohamad El-Erian on, practically every time the market pulls back.


Anything for a story, to sell subscriptions - to - I guess. I'll pass, on more mass hysteria fake news. I'll pass, on more fake news, thank you!

They used to bring on Dr. Doom, every time they wanted retail investors to go short, ahead of a long weekend, but I guess El Erian is more available, or maybe easier to work with?Valentines Day isn't an official holiday, but it may as well be, as bankers do some last minute shopping.

We also saw Oil pull back, and fill the gap, and even Cryptos. It was an all around spectacular day.

I'm already out of time! 

Watch for stocks, and oil to hold up into Monday, as predicted. 

Have a good weekend, AA 

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