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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Market Update 2/22/22 - The Sell-off in Market Futures - Overnight - Doesn't Count

 We saw a sharp - bullish - reversal overnight - on continuous fake Russia News. CNBC was even seen reporting that Russia had told their troops to invade Ukraine. Preposterous! 

This remains me of one of the best calls I've ever made, which was to buy futures - down over 1000 points - when Trump won, the election. I called it "a gift"!

 I had a private Twitter feed at the time - for traders - and I told them to ignore futures, and "buy the open", and the rest is history.   

Friday's weakness was unexpected, as was the weakness in futures, but that was due to China being down (not Russia)? Anyhow, the opening bell is in 5 minutes, and my bullish prediction from last week hasn't changed.   

I'm not long China, but if I see a good entry point, I'll let you know.... 

Good luck this week, AA 

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