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Sunday, August 7, 2022

8/8/22 The definitive Meme Stock - and Crypto - Market update - Guaranteed to Piss Off the Hedge Funds!

 Meme Stocks Market Update -  Guaranteed to Piss Off the Hedge Funds! 

In this weeks market wrap, I pointed to an article from zerohedge - that claims that a lot pro traders seem to find a trade that's working? Not sure if any of that's true, but one thing is for sure, the meme stocks continue to make some of us a lot of money. 

As I tweeted last month after we saw a big move in Coinbase: 

 And this wasn't the first time I've mentioned Coinbase, and documented the fact that the powers that be, were relentlessly shorting the stock! 

June 14th

 June 28th 

The very next day, I revised the youtube channel, and called the bottom in Crypto, and the rest of the market. 

Here's the Video Proof Dated June, 29, 2022 to document that fact

Fast Forward to the week ending 7/5/22 

1. Coinbase continues to break out

2. AMC takes out my target - up 50%  

I'd definitely be a seller of $AMC after this run, and when it breaks back below the 200 day moving average you'll know I was right, once again.  

Take Care, AA 

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