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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

It's as if someone turned the spigot off

 Ever since Friday's short squeeze in big tech, it's as if someone turned the spigot off. I can't find a decent trade, so I've moved to cash.  

It could be we're already seeing a lack of volume, since Thanksgiving is next week. 

Typical Holiday Trading 

 Energy was sold and Big Tech bought 

I'm not sure if that trend continues, but we're about to find out. 

I think the fact that news of a new NVIDEA chip is being published, points to another pump n dump rally in the tech space, but we could see a little pullback first. I think that depends on who is short, going into Friday OPEX, and if we're about to see some profit taking. 

This mornings CPI Report  

Seems a little unpredictable here 


Take Care, 


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