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Saturday, October 1, 2022

10/1/22 Weekly/ Monthly/ Quarterly - Market Wrap-up - and a Look Ahead

 Market ends lower 3 quarters in a row, is the headline that's circulating, and the folks on bloomberg seemed pretty happy about it, but in reality the broader market is still only testing the June lows. 

Even the NASDAQ, which folks are trying to compare to the 2000 .com crash, is only retesting the lows we saw 4 months ago. Could it take out that low? Sure, why not, but the $VIX only ended up 5% for the week. Not exactly what I would call a white knuckle moment!  

Also notice where this index was most recently sold? Precisely at the 200 week moving average! Did you hear this reported by anyone in the main stream media, or only the same old tired narratives? Hard landing, vs soft landing. Even North Korean missile tests, and supposed nuclear threats out of Russia. Many sources - just do a google search for "Putin nuclear". Not to mention people in the Fed repeating the same thing over and over, as usual.   

Fed united on inflation front as Brainard rejects early rate cuts reuters

Insert eye-roll 

Now, if I saw a real threat of nuclear war in the charts, I'd be worried, and preparing for something like that, and when the time comes, I will... and I'll be the 1st one to shout it from the rooftop, but for now, this is just more media hype, designed to steal your hard earned money.      

As much information as I provide, it's becoming impossibly difficult to compete with the trolls on Twitter, and the fake news, and I expect this trend to continue, in the future.  

Just Friday I had a follower on Twitter ask me if I was expecting a market crash, or "Black Monday"?

Adding this fool to the wall of shame, for not even following the daily market updates. 

Looks like this troll works for Northman Trader, who is also on my blocked list. 

Really? This bozo has no idea where I took profits, or where that money was put to work! 

I haven't called for a crash, except for a while. I did think a crash was possible earlier in the year, but this sell-off has turned out to be far less destructive that I was anticipating.

Monday is the first trading day of the Month/ Quarter, so I'd be very surprised if we don't see money put to work, very shortly. 

JP Morgan $JPM  - Here's a stock to watch next week, and one which every money Manager on Wall Street wants to be fully invested in! $JPM @ $100 - a simple gap fill target 

Good luck next week,

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