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Monday, October 31, 2022

Market Update 10/31/2020 - Trick or Treat?

 Happy Halloween! 

last week, I thought we might see a black Monday, coincide with Halloween, but after Friday's big rally, I kind of ruled that out. You just don't see a powerful rally, reverse on a dime, and end in disaster, the very next day. 

That was an awesome trade - on Friday btw!  

One area of the market where we could see disaster strike is in Oil, and Energy, where we saw stocks trade pretty much flat - ending on what could be described as a spinning top candle - for the week.

Energy DCS chart - also ends with a bearish candle, and your homework is to identify it. 

Here's a clue: google search "hanging man candle". Some technicians might incorrectly identify this as a bullish hammer, but that's a rookie mistake.     


This is where the dumb money has been hiding out for months, and here it is only retesting the June highs, just as we most recently saw the rest of the market retest the June lows, once again proving that Energy is the inverse trade, and I'll have plenty more to say about this in an another update  

I think the only thing that held energy up on Friday, was weekly OPEX, and the options market is where the real money was made... 


I have several upcoming blogs in the planning stages, one of which has to do with the massive rally we're seeing in industrial names. 

On the chart below, you'll see the DOW totally out-performing the NASDAQ (seen in pink), and there's a good reason for that! 

The Dow is only made up of 30 stocks,  29 of which ended in the green on Friday, in what can only be described as a cleverly engineered short squeeze.   

No reporting on this? That seems strange, but maybe the main stream media is too busy worrying about free speech on Twitter. That's a real threat to the tech tyranny! 

Speaking of Tyranny: 

In The News 

The globalists are celebrating the election results in Brazil

Latin America’s new wave of leftist leaders were on Monday among the first to congratulate Brazil’s Jose Inacio “Lula” da Silva for his wafer-thin victory over encumbent Jair Bolsonaro in Sunday’s presidential run-off.

Bolsonaro was widely known as a “Tropical Trump” who used social media and stump rallies to rail against the “globalist left” financialreview

What does this mean for Brazil? 

More of the same I'm afraid! 

If you need help navigating the Brazil trade, the energy trade, or any other trade, I have all the charts you need... 

Either PM me in my twitter, or contact me through my paypal. 3xmail, isn't functioning at the moment.  

Take Care, 


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