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Thursday, December 15, 2022

Better Late Than Never

 Yesterday, I called for a,"Sell The (FOMC) News Trade, which we did get, but the $VIX unexpectedly sold off, and the sellers has a lot of trouble trying to take the market down. Markets even turned green, at one point, as Powell hinted at the fact that "rates are near an appropriately restrictive level", paraphrasing...   

Regardless of what The Fed actually said, they did a smaller rate hike, than thay have in the recent past, and that's a taper, on the taper; I'd even go so far as to call it a "pivot". 

Doesn't matter what the fed said, either way it's a "sell the news", event,  but why was it delayed..? 

Better Late Than Never 

I've blogged on the fact that the US market doesn't trade as it used to trade, during normal trading hours; it seems that the selling has to be engineered in Brussels, or Germany. 

More proof that the entire thing it rigged by the money printers 

Today's trade, same as yesterday: 

Sell The News Confirmed 

Watch for the $VIX to take out yesterday's target, as well as, for the $USD to rocket skyward.

I don't have a downside target for the $SPX, because I have no skin in that game, and I was mostly busy patching concrete, yesterday. 

 I did take time to take some profits yesterday, and sitting on about 30% cash, which seems like a good strategy, given the circumstances. 


I haven't blogged on Gold for a while, but if the $USD is going to rocket, that can only translate to bad news for precious metals. 

I'm actually short Silver, but I think all precious metals are going to be headed in the same direction 

$SGOL chart complete with bearish candlestick analysis  

Speaking of Gold 

Do you realize that adjusted for inflation, gold has actually been making a series of new lows, ever since the peak in the Gold market, back in 1980? 

Is Gold An Inflation Hedge? forbes

It's a fascinating study, and I'll have more to say about it in a future update. 

Take Care, AA 

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