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Friday, December 30, 2022

Santa Rally Takes Back All The Loses Of The Past Week!

 Santa Rally Takes Back All The Loses Of The Past Week!

Of Course the crooked lame stream media is going out of their way to keep from reporting on yesterday's Santa Rally, and instead report on how bad things are, but the charts don't lie! 

$SPX is poised to close at the highs for the week, and the Santa Rally isn't even officially over until Monday's close. As you can see on this chart, we've basically been stuck in a range all week.   

$NYSE - ended up over 1%. Possible wave "4". Trend remains - obviously - bullish 

Tech joins the party 

Internet & Cloud Computing Stocks Close up over 3.5%  

Consumer Discretionary also up - 2.5%

There's always a short squeeze somewhere, over the holidays! 

Sure, it wasn't the face melting rally, I've been predicting... but it was better than nothing, and in this lousy market we'll take what we can get! lol 

Next week, kicks off the beginning of the new year, and if money managers want to keep their cushy jobs in the financial services industry, they will have to stop going on Bloomberg, and making gloomy predictions, and instead, start putting money to work. 

In the meantime watch for my end of year wrap-up, to follow shortly. 

Happy New Year, 

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