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Thursday, December 29, 2022

Tesla technical chart broken, on light holiday volume

 Wow, I can't remember the market being so slow, between Christmas, and New Years, but I've also probably never been so focused on seasonal trading, as I am in 2022. By the way; the next big event, markets will be paying attention to, is earnings season, which kicks off, next week!  

I continue to monitor markets, somewhat, but most sectors continue to consolidate sideways, and even tech can only manage to make slightly lower recent lows. Reminds me of the market we were trading in back in Oct., where the fast money continued to pound the bear drum, but then no sooner than the market washed out to a slightly lower low - just below the 3500 level - they were calling for another rally, and we were off to the races again!   

Speaking of lower recent lows, that brings me to Tesla  

Yesterday, I decided to pull up the Tesla chart, just to see what's going on there, and sure enough, the powers that be took Tesla down - on low volume - over the holidays. 

This, just happens to coincidence with Elon Musk's Twitter document dumps, which expose how the deep state - including the FBI - has been using Twitter to manipulated elections, and silence people who dare speak the truth, for what has apparently been going on for many years now. 

Makes me proud to have been on the right side of history, having been booted off Twitter, more than once... 

The FBI knows who I am 

Tweet from Dec., 3rd, 2015 

As I more recently stated in 2018

I could say a lot about the FBI, the rigged elections, rigged markets, and even the ongoing climate engineering, and this no doubt will all tie together nicely when the collapse finally comes. 

It wasn't only Twitter, but Facebook, and Google as well. It's what I have many times referred to as the evil, tech tyranny. 

 Speaking of truth bombs, when did we start calling winter weather, "bomb cyclones"? Did you know it's supposed to be 50 degrees in Chicago today? I can tell you from experience - after living in this area of the country for most my adult life, the climate engineering has intensified.    

If you're unfamiliar with the technology that's being used to create these short lived winter weather events, I recommend checking out Engineering Winter and the effects of Chemical Ice Nucleation @ the #1 source for all things having to do with the ongoing weather warfare,  in our skies.  

Getting back to the totally Engineered (rigged by the Criminally Insane) global equities market 

Every Day china tech stocks make new recent highs, yet we are to believe that US tech stocks remain "over-valued"? LOL 

$QQQ - see the May & June dip, followed by the Sept/Oct dips, and finally the Dec dip - trading at near the same level we've been trading at for the past - nearly - 8 months. 

The longer it takes to build a big base like this, the bigger the breakout is going to be.


$VIX Trend remains lower, and that means less fear in the market, regardless of what CNN says  

 That's right; even CNN is trying to spook investors out of this market, with their Fear & Greed Index

Today we finally see some buyers stepping up, in part, due to a bullish report put out by Morgan Stanley, but also due to the fact that the market has continued to sell off for nearly 5 weeks, in a row, and we seem to be approaching selling exhaustion.   

That's right, stocks can rally for no other reason that the sellers are tired, and complacent. 

I'm outta time, 


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