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Monday, October 16, 2023

Multiscreen Trading/ Gaming Platform For Remote Work

 After trading for 15 years, and now dabbling in futures trading, I'm seeing why some pro traders require as many as 6 screens.   

To give you some Idea of what my current layout looks like: What I like about it, is that I only need to glance up, and to the left to get a good read on the market. 

Those are large 27" monitor, except for the wide screen on the upper left - which I run Think or Swim charts views on. I normally have 12 charts running on that 1 screen alone. 

Even with so much desktop area, at times I still find myself limited on space. 

To give you some idea: I usually have around 18 tabs open - spread across the 3 lower monitors, and 24 -  30 chart views I'm working with. 

This could easily be spread across an array of 12 screens, but they would have to be smaller monitors, because your field of view is limited. 

Multiscreen Trading/ Gaming Platform For Remote Work

At some point I want to be able to trade on the road, from an RV, and that will require some ingenuity. 

I find that there's a lot I can do on my cellular device, but there are times when I need to check the charts on a larger screen, and this setup is going to be invaluable, when I'm on the road. 

I imagine I'll be trading on a laptop, with a triple monitor setup - (for Macbook) pictured below.

Note: Sales made through affiliate links on this website pay a commission, and help support this website.  

These monitors fold in to a collapsible state, and a soft carrying case can be purchased separately - 

There is also a model that fits non- MacBook  (Windows/ Android) - laptops -

Note: The above models are all built of lightweight plastics, but if you prefer there's a slightly heavier weight aluminum model - seen linked below. 


Even if you don't plan to RV, this is a killer setup for your hotel room.

I could even see using this for remote (hybrid) work in a studio apartment.  This would even make a killer gaming setup, as long as your laptop is powerful enough.

In my case 3 screens isn't going to be enough to cover everything, but it will do in a pinch. 

It may also be possible to daisy chain a forth portable monitor, and if you only require 1 additional portable monitor this seems like a good option. 


I figure I can always place orders on my cellular app, and tweet from the phone as well. 

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