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Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Taking another look at the Armageddon Trade

 First off it's Prime Deals season, so you may find me posting more advertising content than usual, and to be clear, this website makes money through the promotion of certain products. 

Just know that I wouldn't promote a product I wouldn't use myself, and many of the things you see promoted on this website are critical to your survival in the coming apocalypse. 

For instance Potassium Iodine Tablets. I suggest buying the 2 pack, so you can share with friends and family, or to have an extra supply at your bugout location. 



Speaking of Apocalypses and the Armageddon Trade 

I believe, in the case of WWIII, life goes on, and could go on for some time, no matter how dire the circumstances may look. 

Remember Covid-19 was used as an excuse to print money, and that money was used to drive the market to new highs. Few saw that opportunity coming, and while most investors were looking at selling everything, I was looking for a market bottom. 

The lame stream media may be able to fool the general public, but they can't fool Wall Street.  

I'll bet it didn't even occur to you that you should be buying the Israel market after the panic... 

This morning I decided to look at the recent pullback in the Tel Aviv 123 (Israel), since Israel sits on the front line of what's being compared to  

 $TA123 - Pulls back to a higher low. Rallies 1.5% on Tuesday out-performing the $SPX 2-1. Not to mention the golden cross on the chart. 

Look, if Israel is going to use the same terror excuse, that we did after 9/11, as an excuse to make war, then that means more weapons sales, and more control of resources, and more peace - for Israel - in the end.

 In case you missed yesterday's blog, I listed all the benefits that the powers that be are going to reap... this is the whole purpose of a false flag. 

See: Israel Terrorist Attacks Drive Military/ Defense Stocks Higher

The market loves war! Just look at 9/11, and the subsequent wars in Iraq, and Afghanistan, and the rest.... Like it or not; the endless war economy is an integral part of the real economy. 

Yesterday, we saw Joe Biden order Congress to appropriate funds for the Israeli war effort, and the market responded with another up day. This forced Congress's hand, just as I predicted... 

There's a lot more I could say about this event, and how it aligns with end time prophecy, but I don't have time... 

Yesterday's trade looked a lot better than the previous 2 days, and I took the opportunity to take profits on more trades that I ever have. I almost had to pinch myself, as it seemed like every time I went to check my holdings, some other stock was making a run. 

I was forced to sell most everything - there were a few cash trades I was not able to liquidate, due to the fact that Monday was a banking holiday and trades still have to settle  - but all in all I made 23 trades!  

Maybe not the most returns I've ever seen in a day, but still one of the best trading days ever! 

Take care, 


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